10 Easy Tips to Improve the Rental Value of Your Property

By : 360 Realtors

07 January, 2019

As a homeowner, you would want to get good returns on renting out your property. Well, improving the rental value of your property calls for certain effective strategies. First of all, the homeowners should be aware of the present India Property Prices. Here are ten easy tips, that will help you improve the rental value of your property.


In case you are yet to buy a property, make sure that you choose a prime location for the apartment. It should have an easy access to offices, IT complexes, shopping malls, airports, stations, commercial areas and other important places. The prices of property in these areas are likely to increase in the coming years.


When you buy a home, have an eye on the amenities in the complex. People who take houses on rent are on the hunt for luxury and these amenities will help you to increase the value of the property. Amenities include swimming pool, gym, jogging track, tennis court and so on.

Storage space

The demand for furnished apartments is on the rise. Besides, people look out for homes with ample storage space. You may have a look into the Housing Sites in India and choose a property that comes with good storage space and fully furnished for the tenants.


Tenants often seek homes that come with all the necessary appliances. In case you have everything in order, the value of the property gets a boost. You can charge a higher rent for an apartment that is loaded with the necessary home appliances.

 First impression

 Make sure to create a positive first impression on the buyers when you rent off your property. It should be cleaned and made presentable, prior to the visit of the tenant. Complete the repair works, if any, and make the apartment ready to be rented out.

Go for conventional renting methods

 You can try out alternate methods of renting, which are now available through various third-party companies and apps. While this may not ensure occupancy all the time, you can charge a much higher rent.

 Collaborate with corporates

A large number of companies enter into agreements with landlords. You can go for this kind of agreements, contact the local agents dealing with real estate, which can help you find these deals. This will enable you to keep the house well-maintained and get good rents.


The homeowners need to ensure that the pictures of the property are clear and attractive. Most of the time, pictures help to attract the customers.  You can also create a walk-through video of the property. However, make sure what you show is realistic.


 Well, your property should be well-maintained, so make sure to get all the issues fixed. The pipes should not be leaking, the kitchen cabinets should be in proper shape and the cracks should be fixed before the tenant views the property.

Proactive listing

Be proactive in listing your property. This will help you to get a tenant in quick time. You can visit the leading real estate websites to get a comprehensive idea regarding this aspect

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