10 Factors influencing the appreciation of your property

 Well, as a seller, you would like to know the factors that make property prices appreciate. It helps in determining the price at which you can sell your property as well as the right time to sell it. Here, you will come across ten factors that influence the appreciation of your property. This will help you to fix the price of the residential property when you sell it.

Reputation of the developers

In the metros, the reputation of the builders influences the appreciation of prices of property. People look out for apartments developed by reputed developers. Selling your home becomes easy and fast if it is built by a reputed developer.


The location of the apartment is one of the most important factors that influence the appreciation of your property. People prefer homes that are located close to the commercial areas or have green living facilities. The infrastructure of the area comes into account in these cases.

Vaastu compliance

 A large section of the homebuyers wants to buy Vaastu-compliant homes. In case your home is Vaastu-compliant, you can easily sell off your home. Get your home checked by an expert in order to know whether it is Vaastu-compliant or not.

 Corner homes

Corner homes come with certain benefits. These include fresh air, ample sunlight, privacy, and so on. Evidently, corner homes sell faster than other homes.

 Sunlight and ventilation

People love homes that are well-ventilated and come with natural sunlight. Besides, natural light makes the rooms look more spacious and bright. This increases the aesthetic values of a luxury property.

Floor of the building

 The floor on which the apartment is located is one of the factors that influence property value. In large cities, the apartments on the high floors have more value. This value varies according to the cities.


The amenities in the home influence the value of the property. Apartments with luxury amenities, like swimming pool, gym, indoor & outdoor games and so on, yield more value on sale than other properties.

 Parking spaces

Homes with parking spaces are one of the leading factors influencing its value. The buyer can get the parking space within the complex and need not pay an additional cost for it, as the prices are included in the cost of the home.


 Future development

People looking forward to buy home in India look for the future prospects of development in the area like schools, hospitals, and so on.


 People willing to buy residential property or commercial property prefer secure locations. Besides, the security facilities within the complex influence the appreciation of your property.

The top developers in India have come up with several projects. When you sell your property, these factors influence its appreciation.