360 Realtors E- Prop Show - Ushering in a New Era in Virtual Real Estate

By : 360 Realtors

29 June, 2020

360 Realtors, one of India’s largest Real Estate advisories, has successfully conducted its debut e-Prop Show in Pune on 20th & 21st June.

This one-in-a-kind- virtual property showcase, for which the company conducted high-octane marketing, garnered a total of 6444 registrations with a total of 2889 visitors who logged in to be a part of this two-day digital event. More than 20 developers from Pune, including big names such as VTP, Godrej & Kolte Patil, participated in the event to present their projects to the large throng of attending homebuyers.

In order to offer a novel experience, this unique event platform was brought to life with the help of 3D & immersive technologies to give visitors the look & feel of a real-world event. Simulating an on-site show, digital counters of various developers, auditorium, banners, etc. were created for the homebuyers to explore. Similarly, in order to enable visitors to make a well-rounded & informed decision, webinar sessions, chat options, video/audio call facilities were provided offering information about various properties & payment plans.

As a part of its ongoing series of digital events, the company plans to conduct 10 virtual shows in the coming quarter. In addition to pan-India, these events will be conducted all over the world including Pune, Bangalore, Mumbai, NCR in India, and Dubai, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman and Qatar in GCC. 360 Realtors plans to clock an aggregate GTV of around INR 1000 Crores.

At the onset of the COVID crisis, the Real Estate advisory had switched gears & started actively using available online tools such as teleconferencing, virtual conferencing & webinars to sell properties. Its digital venture was met with some success & the company was able to suppress the possible demand disruption triggered by the pandemic.

More digitally backed innovations will continue to unfold in Indian Real Estate. In a post-COVID world, where social distancing is not going to roll back very soon, revamping the traditional business models & upgrading digital capabilities remains a key catalyst to grow & develop. In light of these developments, it can safely be surmised that tools such as E-events, webinars, digital marketing, etc. are going to proliferate from this point onwards. 

Apart from acting as a robust bolster against the disruptions brought about by COVID, digitization also has strategic advantages. An effectively designed digital customer journey based on high-value content & experiential technologies can result in much better customer engagement consequently leading to higher ROI. Likewise, they are scalable, require lesser overheads & render a lot of real-time actionable insights.

In a new normal, virtual events and property exhibitions will continue to drive Real Estate marketing and will be actively used by real estate advisories, developers & marketers. However, to make it more effective in terms of generating leads & improving conversions, it is essential to make them more interactive and engaging.