360 Realtors Moving its Global Technology Office Named 360 Technology Development Center to Pune

By : 360 Realtors

06 December, 2018

India’s biggest primary real estate advisor, 360 Realtors, has decided to move its global technology center to Pune from Noida. This is a strategic decision that has been taken to leverage and tap into the high-quality talent pool available in the Pune city.

In a short span, 360 Realtors has emerged as one of the biggest real estate advisors in the primary real estate space and has sold over 10,000 units so far. The phenomenal rise of the organization is deeply rooted in its ability to leverage advanced technology and analytics throughout the value chain.

Since its inception, as an organization, 360 Realtors has taken a very proactive stand towards technology and turned into an iron pillar. Ranging from a strategic viewpoint to day-to-day tactical operations, technology is deeply ingrained into the overall system.

Going forward, the company will continue to develop world-class technology-enabled platforms that include state of art ERPs, intuitive digital interfaces, tech-focused marketing campaigns and analytics tools. Recently, it has also roped in a new CTO, Mr. Phoolendra Gangwar, an IIT alumnus, to spearhead its tech campaigns. The company is also mulling over some machine learning-enabled platform to transform the modern search and discovery process.

“In FY 2017-18, we have sold a total of 4,000 units. In the current FY, we have set up a much more ambitious target, as we plan to double our sales volume. In order to realize such an ambitious target, technology will continue to play a pivotal role”, quoted Mr. Ankit Kansal, CEO and Founder, 360 Realtors.

The new office will be called “360 Technology Development Center”. Designed on the lines of a modern startup, it is set to herald fierce but healthy competition in the Indian proptech space. The prime objectives are to inculcate a culture of collective learning and lateral thinking. In this backdrop, 360 Technology Development Center is also poised to play the role of a force multiplier and become a hi-tech pioneer in the realty ecosystem.