360 Realtors to hire 1000 people in the current fiscal year

By : 360 Realtors

01 May, 2019

360 Realtors, one of the leading property brokerage firms in the country, will be hiring 1,000 people this fiscal. The company has been one of the key players in the industry over the last few years. With a positive growth rate in the last fiscal, 360 Realtors looks forward to further expand its business portfolio. The company, in this fiscal year, will hire another 1,000 employees, and eventually the real estate industry is likely to get a boost. One of the top officials of the company has stated that 360 Realtors is looking forward to make an acquisition in the market in the USA, so that it can grow its business in India as well as overseas. This is good news for the real estate industry, as the company has done a fantastic job in recent times. As the real estate industry in India continues to grow, 360 Realtors connects real estate developers with potential buyers. It also assists homebuyers and commercial property investors to find the right investment avenues in the real estate market.

The Gurugram-based company presently has more than 50 offices in India as well as overseas. The sales force of the company is over 1,000 people. In the last fiscal, the revenue of the company increased by 46% to INR 152 crore. During 2018-19, 360 Realtors sold 6,000 units and this is worth INR 4,100 crore. It is good to see one of the leading property brokerage firms expanding, and the overall real estate market will be benefitted in the years to come.

The founder of the company has stated that they have set up a new target of 12,000 units in the present fiscal. Therefore, they need a fresh group of people to market the properties and eventually, they have decided to hire 1,000 people. Around 30% of the sales value come from the NRIs (non-residential Indians). This is one of the reasons for the company to look out for a brokerage firm in the US, that will be marketing the properties in India. The sales volume of the company is likely to increase in the coming years. Presently, the company is carrying out discussions with some of the brokerage houses based in the US, that are marketing the Indian properties there.

In order to boost up the sales of property, developers are coming up with a number of attractive schemes, such as freebies, developer subvention and attractive prices. As a result, a greater number of property buyers are interested to invest in these avenues. 360 Realtors have helped the developers connect with potential buyers. In the process, a large number of sales have taken place in the last fiscal. With the company hiring more employees, the sales figures are likely to increase. This will strengthen the real estate industry in India.