55 Housewarming Gift Ideas that your friends will love

By : 360 Realtors

12 April, 2016

Moving to a new city can be quite stressful for your friends, and you can help them by moving the furniture, shopping as well as bringing them some wonderful and thoughtful housewarming gifts that will make them remember you fondly. Housewarming gifts ensure a great way to capture the spirit of newness and help residents feel welcome in an unfamiliar space. We have curated a list of innovative house warming gifts that suits every style, budget and situation that your hosts will appreciate tremendously. We have divided our list into Traditional & Non-Traditional Gifts, Tech Gifts, Personalized and few fun gifts for sharing a laughter with your friends.

You can mix and match to create some brilliant gift baskets and combination gifts, for gardening lovers a potted plant with some gardening equipment or a cooler filled with craft beer, new beer mugs and some fresh fruit for garnish can make an amazing housewarming gift. So check these out now!

Traditional Gifts

Traditional housewarming gifts are given to the man and woman of the house equally. It was believed that more of the gifts should be made at home, to ensure better success and wealth in the coming year.

1. Table Lamps

Table Lamps work as great housewarming gifts as they light up a place and help warm up cozy corners of a home.

2. Photo Frames

Photo frames to decorate your friends home with pictures of their loved ones, can be a thoughtful housewarming gift.


3. Wall Hangings

Wall hangings will bring color to any new home! You can choose from a wide range from wooden, metallic, and ceramic to modern art and art prints.  


4. Decorative Candles

Decorative candles make a beautiful gift. Candles, particularly homemade ones traditionally mean ‘May you always have light through the darkest times’.


5. Black Sand Timer

A black sand timer can be an elegant accessory for any home or workplace! It can add style to home, office and can be used to time meetings or play games, etc.


6. Wind Chimes

The lovely music made by wind chimes can be quite soothing and brings good vibrations in a new home.


7. Door Hangings

Door hangings can look quite fun, you can choose from a wide range including metal, wrought iron, wooden, etc, that give a unique look to every home.


8. Jute Knot Door Stopper

A Jute Knot door stopper can be a functional and fun housewarming gift.  


9. Artifacts showpieces

Showpieces can provide your friends with things to fill up their new homes with some interesting knick knacks.


10. Flower Vase

A Flower vase is a welcome addition that can be used everyday! It is a wonderful and functional traditional gift.


11. Indoor Plants

Indoor plants provide a touch of greenery and with so much pollution, air purifying indoor plants can be an amazing gift. Giving a plant as a gift says ‘May your home always have life.’


12. Blankets/Bed sheets

New home means new furniture and furnishings, so new blankets and bed sheets can be a wonderful gift.


13. Magazine Holder

A magazine holder will provide them a good space to keep all their magazines, books, etc. and help their home look decluttered.


14. Key Holder    

A key holder is a great organizational gift, and can be the perfect solution for those 'where did I see my keys last' moments.


15. Designer Wall Clock

A designer wall clock is a must for a new home, and your hosts will really appreciate it.


16. Paintings

Painting can help your hosts adorn the walls of their new home in beautiful colors.


17. Gift Basket

A gift basket containing home made goodies, or you could raid the local bakery to welcome your neighbors.  Another option is to bundle up some important things for the guest bathroom, like beautifully packaged soaps, creams or even a potted plant and you will have a one of kind Gift Basket!


18. Bottle Opener with Corkscrew

If you know your hosts are wine connoisseurs a, bottle opener with cockcrow can be a wonderful gift.


19. Wine Bottle

After all the stressful work involved in shifting and setting a new house, a tasteful wine bottle can be a good gift, for making your hosts unwind and relax. A traditional wine bottle denotes well wishes which say, ‘May you always have joy and never go thirsty.’


Non – Traditional Gifts

If you would like to try something different, here are some non traditional gifting ideas for you.

20. Cook Book

If your hosts/hostess loves to cook, a cook book can be a perfect gift. Also it means that they will definitely invite you to try some yummy food they make.


21. Laundry Bag

A laundry bag to store all the dirty clothes can be a very helpful and functional gift!


22. Tool Set

While setting up a new home, a handy tool kit can become invaluable for fixing things or making place for paintings on your new walls, as well as measuring the space for new furniture.


23. Floating Book Shelves

Floating Book shelves will make boxes of books disappear magically!


24. Bean Bag

A bean bag can be very comfortable and help your hosts just laze around and relax in their new abode.


25. Indoor Fountains

Indoor fountains can be soothing for the eyes and make you feel quite peaceful. If your friends like to meditate, then this would be a good choice.


26. Wall Stickers

Wall stickers can help decorate walls with innovative prints. Nowadays you get amazing 3D and 5D decals that can be put on the walls that can make your home look unique.


27. Family Address Self Inking Stamper

Little orthodox but still a very useful gift idea. While it lasts long. Your hosts may need a new Family Address Self Inking Stamper to thank everyone for the wonderful Housewarming gifts they receive.


28. Pillow Covers

A new set of pillow covers can brighten up any room.


29. SPA Voucher

After all the hard work in shifting and setting up a new home, a SPA voucher may help your hosts relax and I am sure they will remember you kindly for a long time!


30.Water Spray Gun

A water spray gun or any pressure washer utility for washing cars or bikes makes a nice utility gift. Can also be used for watering garden, cleaning etc.



31.Night Sky Projector Lamp

A night sky projector lamp can create a beautiful starry night; it can be used as a bed side lamp or even as a night light. It is a fun housewarming gift!


32. 3D Curtain Stickers

3D Curtain stickers of butterflies or flowers can make any room more inviting as well as add a touch of color.


33. Folding Bed Tray

Everybody loves breakfast in bed; a folding bed tray will make them feel like a king/queen.


34.Bath Towel Set

A Bath Towel Set for the guest bedroom is something that can be very useful.


35. Bonsai Tree

A Bonsai Tree can be any homeowners delight! Gifting a Bonsai tree signifies good luck and happiness, making them the ideal housewarming gift.


36. Personal Blender

A personal blender isn't just a thoughtful gift, it is useful too. It can be used to make nutritious drinks or exotic foods and require very little maintenance and cleaning. It is a must have for every home.  


37. Coffee /Tea Gift Pack

A coffee maker/ tea gift pack may just be the thing that everyone appreciates, perfect for waking up at breakfast.

Tech Gifts

Break away from the mundane by giving your hosts some tech gadgets as gifts that will make their life easier.

38. Universal Remote

Not just for tech freaks, everyone would love to have a universal remote control through which they can control all gadgets in their home. You can control the music, lighting, video, security, door locks all from your hand.


39. Multiple USB Chargers/ USB HUB/ USB Station

With the tens of gadgets we use, Multiple USB Chargers/ USB HUB/ USB Station can be an ideal gift.


40. Netflix Gift Voucher


To help your hosts relax, a prepaid subscription to on demand service Netflix may be just the thing they need.  


41. Power Bank

With our lives getting more and more dependent on Smartphones, a power bank provides just the solution to keep your phone juiced up the whole day.


42. Wireless Charger

With most of the gadgets now coming with wireless charging technology, a wireless charger can be very useful.


43. Laser Keyboard

A laser keyboard creates a virtual projector keyboard on any flat surface. It is Bluetooth enabled and can be paired up with any device in a house, including laptops, mobiles and tablets.


Personalized Gifts

If you want to have a give a personal touch to your gifts, here are some personalized gifting ideas just for you!

44. Kitchen Appliances

Everyone needs handy Kitchen appliances, so if you know that your friend loves to bake a mixer or a set of baking tools can be very helpful. Or if you know your friend can't live without their morning healthy drink a blender would be really helpful.


45. Coffee Mug Set

A coffee mug set to enjoy your morning cuppa, can be a useful gift. You can personalize the mug set by adding some pictures or personal messages for your friends.


46. Copper Finished Side Table

A copper finished side table can add style to any living room. It will be an ideal place to sit around and chat with your hosts.  


47. Brass Door Knocker

A brass knocker can make any entrance stylish and attractive. You can gift a brass knocker in a modern, antique or vintage design.


48. Personalized Pen Drive

A personalized pen drive with your friend's names or initials can be a great gift too!


49. Personalized Welcome Mat

A personalized welcome mat can be ideal for welcoming people to a new home! They'll remember your gift every day when they come home, you can personalize the doormats with names, initials, a phrase or anything you want.


On the Lighter Side

Well here are some fun housewarming gift ideas that will bring a smile on your host's faces.

50. Binoculars/Telescope 

While if your hosts are new to the area, a set of binoculars for them to spy on their neighbors and get to know them well can be very useful!

51. Nutrition Supplement such as Whey Protein 

After all the hard work of moving furniture and setting up their home, a nutrition supplement such as whey protein can be really helpful.


52. Fevicol (As things break, they will need it)

While shifting there is a big chance that things will fall and break and big can of Fevicol may be just what is needed.

53. Inflatable Pool

An inflatable pool to sit and relax in the new apartment can be a fun gift! If your hosts have kids an inflatable pool can provide hours of fun. The pool can be placed on the balcony, rooftop and is very easy and lightweight to move around.

54. Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning supplies is something that will definitely be needed in a new home, to keep things spick and span.

55. Scented Reed Diffuser Crystal Rose

A full rosy and dewy fresh fragrance with warm summer geranium, rose petals, and tender floral musks balanced with fresh green leaves.


Hope our comprehensive list of housewarming gifts has been helpful to you. Please let us know if we missed anything from the list! Happy Shopping!