6 Reasons To Go With TATA VALUE HOMES DESTINATION 150 In Noida Sector 150

By : 360 Realtors

14 January, 2017

This Is a Part of One Of The 6 Sport Cities Proposed In Noida

Noida will be one of the fittest and healthiest parts of the National Capital Region, as it will be a part of the 6 sports cities proposed. On a whole, about 2800 hectares of beautiful land has been reserved for sports cities. In fact, you won’t find so much of land dedicated to sports facilities anywhere in the country. Without a doubt, Noida will truly inspire a better and happier lifestyle across the country with its wide range of sporting activities. At the end of the day, who wouldn’t love to play a favourite sport like cricket, badminton, basketball, tennis, swimming, golf and more? This will not only give people a chance to play their favourite games, but will also take the country to a new level as to where it currently stands on the importance of sports as a career and a daily activity today. Sports cities are presently being constructed along the Noida Expressway, where Destination 150 by Tata Value Homes is situated, and in Greater Noida.

Get An Exclusive Apartment Deal 

‘Apne Sapne Ko Karo Sach’ ... and that is what this outstanding project is all about. Tata Value Homes Destination 150 is a state-of-the-art development that truly makes your dream of owning a luxury apartment come true by offering you the most exclusive apartments you will ever find in the National Capital Region. Extended over 20 acres of land, this development consists of 20 towers (S+22/S+28) of pure architectural beauty that offer 2BHK and 3BHK luxury apartments of different configurations and sizes that start at 1100 sq. ft. and go up to a whopping 1575 sq. ft. When it comes down to amenities, this development offers world-class internal and external amenities of pure luxury and comfort that will delight you every day. Starting at an excellent price of Rs.50.60 lakh and moving up to Rs.72.45 lakh, you get the best of the best at an affordable cost and that is the beauty of Tata Value Homes. No matter which apartment you choose, you will get spectacular offers and amazing deal that you simply cannot resist. From discounts, to payment plans, NRI services, home loan facilities and more, this is your ultimate destination for luxury apartments with super-saving deals.

Choose This Because This Land Is Low On FAR 

FAR (Floor Area Ratio) is basically a certain limit to which a structure can be constructed, as per the permission given by the planning authority of the city. Thus, a higher FAR leads to more constructions and dense living at the end of the day. Different cities have different FAR limits, but it is always advisable not to push the limit as it can put a lot of stress on the total capacity of the city and will lead to residential or commercial spaces which are clogged-up. Noida as a whole and Sector 150 to be specific has a low FAR limit and this means that you will never feel like you are in a cage and you will always feel free. No matter where you go you will always find a lot of open space and open skies that will touch your soul with happiness every day. Breathe fresh air and live life to the fullest.

Big Location Connectivity Benefits

There is no doubt about the fact that Noida has fast connectivity to different parts of the National Capital Region, along with modern-day facilities of infrastructure for a peaceful living each and every day. Tata Destination 150 Noida by Tata Value Home is planned and located perfectly to experience an amazing lifestyle. This development comes in close proximity to a number of landmarks and provides ample convenience that you will surely be happy about. You can access plenty of schools, colleges, malls, banks, ATMs, shopping centres, supermarkets, convenience stores, restaurants, cinemas, cafes, clubs, all kinds of transport that include the Metro rail, expressways and a lot more. This is where you can truly save travel-time and use it for the things in life that really matter. 

You Can Enjoy More Greenery

Low FAR means more open spaces and greenery in abundance at the end of the day. It is proven that being surrounded by greenery helps the human mind and takes care of many psychological issues like depression, stress, tension, aggression, etc. and also keeps you healthy too. This development by Tata Value Homes will always help you relax, unwind, socialize, stay fit and enriched every day, as it offers a beautiful touch of Mother Nature with its wide open space, landscape garden and a lot more that will satisfy all your senses. A healthy mind is a healthy body and there is no doubt about that. 

Be the Big brand Customer & Avail Its Product Quality And Uniqueness 

Tata Value Homes is a subsidiary of Tata Housing Development Company Limited (THDC), which is a segment of Tata Group. It is a well-known fact that Tata Group is a global phenomenon today that has proven its strengths through all of its segments. From creativity to quality, this company has never stopped offering only the best and nothing short of it. Customer satisfaction is something that Tata Group has always focused on and has prevailed on offering the same here. When you purchase an apartment by Tata Value Homes, you are welcoming supreme luxury, high-end quality and undoubted trust that is very hard to find these days. 

Thus, as you will see, it goes without saying that this development is definitely worth your savings for a luxury home and a better tomorrow that you will never regret. Be a part of Tata Group and avail the goodies that it has to offer.