CBRE Reveals India to be the Fastest Growing Market

By : 360 Realtors

21 July, 2018

CBRE has stated that India is the fastest growing real estate market. In recent years, the growth of real estate in the country has been phenomenal. With the implementation of GST and inception of RERA, the industry has witnessed an increment in transparency. In the coming months, the capital inflow in the real estate market is likely to increase, according to experts from the largest commercial real estate manager of the world. Besides, the demonetization in 2016 had also helped in removing black money from the real estate sector making it more transparent. The estimated GDP growth and rise in per capita income is likely to get a boost, with several norms and policies being implemented in the real estate industry. This is applicable to both the residential and commercial segments. Although the imbalance in the demand-supply in the real estate sector is an issue, the problem is likely to get resolved in the coming months. A large number of homeowners are interested in buying India Real Estate Property and the equation is likely to become stable in the coming years.

According to CBRE, India was the fastest growing real estate market in the world, particularly in the Asia Pacific region. Besides, it is likely to overtake large real estate markets in the world in the next five years, like Australia and Japan. A number of trends are emerging in the real estate scenario in the country. Particularly, corporate sectors are going for co-working spaces. For CBRE, the Asia Pacific region is presently the fastest growing real estate market. Particularly, Japan and Australia have been the largest centres of business. The fastest growing sector is in India, which was set up by CBRE in 1994. According to the experts, India is likely to eclipse both Australia and Japan in the next five years. The growth of Real Estate in India has been phenomenal and this will continue in the years to come.

For CBRE, more than 50% of the business in India comes from the large MNCs. These organizations outsource professional services related to leasing, buying and selling commercial spaces in the country. CBRE secures the transactions for them and carries out the project management tasks. A large number of corporate firms and MNCs are looking forward to buy Property in India. The demand for commercial space has increased in the key cities. In case you are planning to buy commercial real estate in India, you can have a look into the leading real estate portals. Besides, domestic companies and startups are also seeking office spaces in the key cities. Therefore, the increase in demand for commercial real estate in India is quite evident.

However, the residential property market in the country has not been in a good condition in the past few years. It is expected that the sales rates will start rising, as the government has come up with several new policies. The beginning of 2018 has shown signs of recovery. You may be interested in knowing the Property Rates in India. Have a look at the real estate portals to get an idea about the prices of properties in the key cities.