Civic Body in Gurgaon May Target Revenue from Approvals of Building Plans

By : 360 Realtors

17 December, 2021

The leading civic authority for the real estate sector in Gurgaon, MCG, is eyeing revenue from the approval of building plans. The body has requested the joint commissioners to carry out a survey that would help in identifying the unauthorized buildings in the respective zones. Accordingly, they would target constructions on sites that are sealed due to not obtaining the necessary building plan approvals. Besides, the civic body is likely to focus on boosting its revenue from the approval of building plans, as per the officials.

Recently, the additional commissioner of the civic body stated that the survey aims to stop the construction of buildings at unauthorized sites at the initial stages. Besides, the corporation would blacklist developers who fail to adhere to the clauses. Additionally, the planning wing of the MCG has established a helpdesk that would provide assistance to the applicants. This would ensure that their building plan approval applications don’t end up being rejected.

According to the officials, the civic body is also taking steps to boost the revenue from the approval of building plans in the city. In the 2021-22 fiscal, it is estimated that the revenue inflow of the civic body would be around 10 crore from the approval of building plans. During the financial year 2020-21, the body generated revenue of INR 68 lakh from these approvals, while the target was around INR 3 crore.

The councillors also explained that in subdivided plots, the building plans in the regularized colonies are presently being approved. They stated that the residents will be informed that they can get the plans of their buildings approved from the authority in case they are residing in subdivided plots. This would ensure that there would be an increment in the number of applications, leading to a rise in the revenue of MCG.