Common Mistakes Homeowners Make while Investing in Real Estate

By : 360 Realtors

01 June, 2018

Investing in real estate is a tricky task and homebuyers often commit certain common mistakes while purchasing their properties. As a homebuyers, you should take certain precautions while investing to make the best of your financial resources. Here are certain basic mistakes that you need to avoid while purchasing the home.

Lack of research

A well-researched purchase is likely to deliver you impressive returns. You need to carry out a research regarding the investment, before you finally purchase the property. Consider the location where you are buying the home. Check out the prices of property in the area. Besides, you need to focus on the connectivity in the area and the ease of access to airport, railway stations, schools and hospitals from your home. The homebuyer should also take the reputation of the builder into account. It is recommended to go for an insured home. Apart from this, you should consider the maintenance costs that you need to incur after you buy the home. Most importantly, you need to judge the market value of the home before proceeding with the deal. You should also assess whether the house is ready to be rented off, if needed.

Lack of consultation

It is important to consult with the real estate experts before you make your purchase. You should also share your ideas with your friends, acquaintances and family members. Besides, you need to keep yourself informed about the policies of RERA, that protect the right of the consumers. You can go for a professional advice from the consultants, who have been in the real estate industry for long. You may also discuss the financial aspects with the experts, in case you are planning to seek a loan.

Not planning your investment

You need to figure out what you expect from the property. You can create a list of necessities and tackle the same through strategic planning. It is necessary to chalk out a plan for your investment, before you make your purchase. Several homeowners rent out the property after buying it to get a fixed income every month. Besides, you should have a detailed discussion with the developers regarding the payment plan to avoid confusion in future.

Not seeking tax benefits

 The government has introduced policies, that deliver a number of tax benefits to the homebuyers. You can save a good amount of money by seeking the tax benefits. It is advisable to keep yourself informed about the latest norms on tax in your area, so that you can seek the benefits. This is an effective way to save money when you buy the property.

Poor financial decisions

 Most of the time, homebuyers end up making poor financial decisions due to the lack of research. You should keep an eye on the interest rate and the monthly payments that you need to make. In case you are borrowing money, you should focus on the rate of interest. Often, balloon payments lead to loss of finances for the homeowner.

These guidelines will help you avoid making mistakes while purchasing your home.