Convinced about the certainty of return on investment, real estate investors embrace a corporate work culture

By : 360 Realtors

04 May, 2019

With the announcement of the new financial year 2019-20, there have been some significant changes in the financial world, which has even impacted the real estate investors. Nowadays developers are leaving no stone unturned to get their maximized return on investment. After the implementation of GST and RERA, real estate investors are entirely focusing on delivering their projects on time just like the corporate organizations. Investors strongly believe about the certainty of a return on investment from the Indian real estate market, but industry veterans are of the opinion that disruptive policies have led to transparencies.

According to the sources from the Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry real estate committee, foreign funds such as the pension funds and sovereign funds are looking forward to investing in India after recent investments have been made by leading fund organizations worldwide.

With this surge of investment by foreign funds and after the implementation of right policy at the right time, the developers now have the track records to help investors understand the regulatory policies and taxation environment in India. They even help these investors understand the market demand and offer maximum gain without many risks.

Market changing policies such as the Goods and Service Tax (GST) and the Real estate Regulatory Act along with other regulations have been effective in shaping the market scenario and as well aids investors in taking an informed decision and prevaricate their foreign currency to avoid any currency risks.

Numerous investors from across the globe are now certain that there is undoubtedly return on investment in the Indian market. Today’s market scenario offers potentially greater return due to the risks of the emerging market and hence the certainty of a return on investment has become stronger, due to the ability of the investors to make an informed decision.

With these significant changes and post-implementation of RERA and GST, the banks can now certainly extend their confidence in providing loans, as today’s developers have adapted to the corporate work culture with no delay in delivering their projects. But a significant section of Indian infrastructure depends on the real estate industry which cannot be funded internally, and hence there is a requirement for foreign investment.

Thus, just like the other sectors, it is imperative for foreign investment to boost up the real estate sector which will eventually transform the Indian infrastructure market. With levying of new rules and regulation, this financial year 2019-20 can prove to be the stepping stone towards a new dawn for the Indian market, wherein investors can take a better and informed decision without worrying about risks.