Corporate firms increasingly purchasing co-working spaces

By : 360 Realtors

02 March, 2019

Corporate firms are increasingly opting for co-working spaces, which is a positive sign in the real estate industry. These flexible workspaces enable business firms to optimize the available space. The builders in India, particularly in the commercial real estate segment, have been focussing on co-working spaces in recent times. Co-working spaces are expanding their footprint in the real estate industry rapidly, and a large number of commercial real estate investors are interested in buying these spaces.

Established companies, as well as start-ups, find a viable option in co-working spaces. These commercial spaces come along with several opportunities to grow the business in a feasible way. These properties can easily be customized and fosters the healthy growth of the business.

One of the key reasons behind the popularity of co-working spaces is the pocket-friendliness and ease of use. Presently, various occupier-groups are keen to purchase the co-working spaces in the leading cities across the county. Corporate offices who want to reduce the costs are taking up these spaces, and this trend is becoming increasingly popular in India. In recent years, the real estate investment in India has increased manifold, particularly in the commercial segment. With more co-working spaces coming up in the leading cities, corporate firms and start-ups can get their necessary commercial spaces.

By 2025, the real estate industry is expected to grow to $650 billion, and more than $850 billion by 2028. Affordable housing, co-working spaces and other asset classes are emerging in the industry. Experts have perceived the growth of this particular segment of the real estate sector in a positive way and hope that the trend continues in the coming months. The Indian real estate sector is presently experiencing growth and consolidation. Co-working space is presently one of the most demanded segments in the commercial real estate sector. Investors can visit the best property portals in India to have a look at the emerging commercial real estate destinations in the country and make their purchase.

The early entrants in the commercial real estate sector have reached a critical expansion point, and are looking for new options to expand their business. At the same time, several new companies have come into the scene, who are looking for commercial spaces at affordable costs. With the inception of the co-working space, the overall business models are undergoing a change. The cost factor and availability being critical factors for aspiring business firms, the scene in the commercial real estate sector is likely to be different in the next few years. The scalability of inventory is also a factor that influences the purchase of co-working spaces. Investors willing to buy apartment in India can have a look at the reputed housing portals. For investors, this is the best time to purchase residential and commercial property.