Delhi Government Looking at Single-window Portal for Property Registration

By : 360 Realtors

14 August, 2020

The real estate market in Delhi is set to get a makeover with the launch of an integrated single-window web portal for property registration. The plans have been undertaken by the government to ensure ease of business. This web portal would allow the users to view, request and apply for the registration of properties.

The functionality of this web portal wouldn’t be limited to just property registration. One can also use it to submit KYC documents, raise queries or even pay their property taxes. The portal would also allow the users to make online appointments for registration. Overall, this portal would serve a wide variety of purposes and make it much easier to buy properties in Delhi.

This web portal would also provide the users with various types of important information. One can use it to search for and download maps, land records and other documents. They can also check for the details of various taxes on a property, mortgages and loans. The users may even use this portal to view ownership details and registry chain of a property.

So far, the central and the Delhi government have their own portals for various departments related to property registration. However, it is hard to integrate the information from all of them as they are totally different from each other with varying technologies and database systems. The reason behind this is that they have been developed at different times.

The new portal would come fully integrated with the information from all these web portals and will therefore make property registration a very easy process. Several related apps would get linked to this web portal as well. The full integration would allow users to access a variety of facilities in a single portal instead of having to visit several websites.

The functions of the web portal also include checking for utility bills, tax dues, mortgage details and status of court cases on a property. It is expected that it would cost around INR 25 lakhs to build this portal. The urban development department of Delhi is currently finding a reliable agency to help develop and then maintain this web portal.

A number of changes are emerging in the real estate sector and most of them are progressive ones which reduce human interference and automate various processes. The introduction of this new web portal is one of them and would ease the registration process greatly.