Digital Monitoring Platform to Be Launched for Urban Amenities in Jharkhand

By : 360 Realtors

20 November, 2021

The ambitious goals of the National Urban Digital Mission encompass a project where they would develop a digital infrastructure on a shared basis that would bolster the speed and scale of the urban ecosystem. This is likely to quickly resolve complex issues in the coming years. This infrastructure is visualized to be a public asset that would provide ready-to-utilize platforms, specifications, standards, digital building blocks and frameworks for different participants of the ecosystem. This mission will soon be incorporated by the Indian government in Jharkhand. The Minister of Urban Development and Housing and the National Institute of Urban Affairs are yet to discuss further proceedings with a four-member team.

The proposed infrastructure will encompass a comprehensive range of services. This includes cleaning, taxation, map approvals and trade permits. Besides, an infrastructure will be set up to track the management of solid waste. The Director of the National Institute of Urban Affairs, in this regard, stated that the organization would like to celebrate the national level achievement.

It should be noted that the availability of urban facilities based on technology in more than 4,400 municipal organizations across India will significantly enhance the transparency of activities carried out in municipalities. In the process, the state governments and the Centre will be able to coordinate equally to fulfil their respective missions. In the process, the standard of lifestyle of people in different cities will undergo a positive change. The urban governance is likely to get a boost, as citizen services will also be delivered on a timely basis.

The proposed central portal is supposed to be a part of the national urban digital mission. This is likely to be deployed in the states. It needs to be noted that digitization is gradually taking over the physical infrastructure, filling existing loopholes in the ecosystem. Therefore, the digitized infrastructure will significantly enhance the transparency and accountability of the municipal authorities.