Easy to follow Vaastu Tips for a Healthier, Happier Home

By : 360 Realtors

16 June, 2016

The home is the most priced possession and the most comfortable place to be in. A home is where the heart is... be it after a long day of tiring work or in early morning, but we look forward to relax at our own home. A person’s home is where he seeks solace, comfort and has priceless memories with his family. Since our home is of utmost importance to us, we our always concerned about protecting it from negative energies or evil eyes surrounding us. Hence like paying other utility bills, doing interiors, buying grocery is important, at the same time it is necessary that we follow a few simple Vaastu Shastra tips to ensure good health of our house and of all the loved ones living in it. If a house is made as per the principles of Vaastu Shastra, the inmates enjoy all the happiness of life and vice versa.

Some easy to follow Vaastu tips are:

Attract positive energies

Vaastu Shastra is about positivity so ensure that everything in your house attracts and emits positive energies. Choose homes having north, north-east and east facing entrance. Minor habits like switching on the lights when it gets dark, washing hands and feet after coming home act as a cleanser in shooing away negativity. Praying in morning and evening, lighting a diya and incense sticks helps negative or evil eyes stay away.

Get away from clutter

Cleanliness brings positivity, thus reduce as much clutter as you can. Dispose off the things that are not used since long and will never be used. Ensure that the house is dusted daily and kept neat and clean. A clean house reflects positivity whereas clutter leads to confusion and results in arguments in family.

Make sure your house doesn't have a lot of sharp edges

Avoid having too many sharp edges at home like of racks, furniture, shelves etc as they attract negativity. Before buying a flat ensure that the corners of the walls have rounded edges and not too many open edges.

Let your bedroom enhance your relationship

The bedroom should always have soothing colors for walls as well as for furnishings. There should be happy pictures around of you and your spouse or your family.  Ensure that the bed doesn’t face anything made of glass like a mirror as it brings bad dreams.

Avoid strange sounds and things

Thorny plants and shrubs like cactus attract negativity and should not be kept inside the house. Even artificial flowers or plastic flowers or plants should be avoided and rather houses should be decorated with fresh flowers. Doorbells having an unpleasant ring spoil the mood of the house and hence should be avoided.

Have a nameplate outside the door

Vaastu experts advise that there should always be a nameplate outside your home as it indicates the house ownership and it works in the favor of the owner by attracting positive energies and getting good opportunities to him.

Placement of kitchen

The kitchen should always be built in the south-east corner of the house or the second best option is the north-west corner. But the gas stove should be kept in the south-east direction.

Don’t keep medicines in the kitchen

Medicines should never be kept in the kitchen because a kitchen indicates happiness and good health whereas medicines reflect the opposite.

Place holy water in the house

Place holy Ganga jal in the dark and least used corners of the house to help the inflow of positivity. Change this water once a week.

Placement of holy symbol of Swastik

It is favorable to draw the holy symbols of health, wealth and prosperity- Swastik and OM on the outer side of the main door.

Wind chimes in the house

Wind chimes should be used as they help break the negative energy patterns and lead to inflows of positivity.

Salt absorbs negative energy

Placing the salt bowls in the corners of the house help absorb the negative energies.

Vaastu Shastra is very important to lead a better and a happier life and not even difficult to implement. With its help, people can harness the benefits of various positive energies and cosmic forces to their advantage. Its benefits are mostly emotional or spiritual but then it all comes down to the feeling of calmness and positivity. In an urban dwelling it is a little difficult to have all these points incorporated but if you are constructing an independent house, it is better if most of them are applied. Even if you are able to apply half of these rules, it assures you of your and your family’s well-being.