Factors boosting the Green Building Practices in India.

Globally, June 5 is celebrated as the World Environment day. This day has a very deep significance especially for the real estate sector in India. Over the past few decades, in order to cater to the increasing need of the property market in India arising due to rapid industrialisation and urbanisation, the natural resources got consumed at an unprecedented rate. And the world has to face its ill consequences such as environmental degradation due to the excessive emission of greenhouse gases, depletion of the ozone layer and much more.

Looking at the rampant degradation of the environment it was inevitable to take measures to reduce the wastage of the natural resources by its optimal use as well as steps to replenish the same so that a sustainable environment is built for the future generations.

What is a Green Building?

A building constructed in an eco-friendly manner by using the technologies and materials that are environmental friendly is known as a Green Building. The green building can save the resources such as energy and water by 20-30 percent and also reduces wastage considerably through recycling. Thus the green building practices has an obvious positive impact on the ecosystem such as:

•    Fresh air

•    Enhance use of daylight thereby reducing the consumption of electricity

•    Increased productivity enhancing healthy lifestyle

Over the recent years India has emerged as a leading country in the terms of green building projects. India ranks 2nd after US in the number of green building projects. It becomes important to know here the factors that has given a boost to the green building practices in India

•    Increased awareness

The people of India are getting increasingly aware of the ill effects of the urbanisation on the environment. They are therefore in the search of India Real estate property that supports Green building for investment thereby doing their contribution to save the nature. This has led to the real estate developers to build more and more green buildings.

•    Improving the affordability

The green buildings helps in reduction of the cost of electricity, water and other costs. Thus the increased affordability and long-term benefits lure them to look for Green Building India India Real estate property

•    Environmental benefits

The positive effects of the green building can be seen on the change in the environmental conditions. The long years of drought have considerably reduced. The seasons have started to normalise again. The health of the people has started improving.

•    The population resource mismatch ratio tends to green building acceptability faster

The countries with a huge population and limited resources are moving towards the green buildings faster. Because that is only the future. If they save the resourced today then only their future generations will be able to take the benefits of resources.

•    Support from the government

The government support has also lead to the faster acceptability of the government building. For example, government is offering subsidies, tax relief to the real estate developers who construct a green building.

The all the aforesaid reasons have to lead to growing green buildings in India.