GB rolls back property tax hike in Nashik

By : 360 Realtors

23 October, 2018

20th July 2018 became an important day for property taxpayers in Nashik when it was decided by NMC (Nashik Municipal Corporation) to roll back the hike on property tax that was imposed by the civic administration. Mayor Ranjana Bhansi announced this decision after seven hours of intense discussion. She expressed her displeasure at the civic administration, sighting the financial stress property owners of the city had to go through. She also said that the farmers are also suffering, since they’ve to pay tax on farmlands that are not in the green zone.

It became quite a warm moment when Municipal Commissioner of Nashik, Tukaram Mundhe was not allowed to share his views while the general body was going on.

Civic administration had announced a hike of at least 40% on properties on March 31. Farmlands that were outside the green zone also became a victim of tax. What happened is that due to this there occurred a warm moment between the representatives and the civic administration.  The BJP person Dinkar Patil who is also the house leader proclaimed about the cancellation of resolution number 522 which was about the hike in the property tax by the chief of civic that was proposed by all parties.

Mr Patil also expressed displeasure over the civic administration and demanded a cancellation in the hike as city residents were filling up with resentment. He said that this situation can be termed as a unique example in India Real Estate Property where a civic body is tormenting farmers by imposing property tax even on agricultural land. As every inch of land is being taxed by the civic body. Such a huge pressure can lead to suicide among farmers and NMC administration shall be blamed for it.

It was proclaimed by Patil that 18% hike on tax was imposed while Abhishek Krishna, the previous MC was in power. But the civic administration went ahead and hiked it even higher causing stress to property owners. The leader of the opposite Ajay Boraste said that the hike can cause severe harm to the common man. He added that for a 50 sq. ft. shop, the hike can add up from Rs 8,216 to Rs 34,219 per annum. There are around 25,000 buildings across the old Nashik that are old.It seemed surprising to Ajay Boraste that the tax levied on property in suburban zones and College road area are same.