GMDA divides Gurgaon into 6 sub-cities to boost infrastructure Development

By : 360 Realtors

24 January, 2020

The Gurugram Metropolitan Development Authority (GMDA) has divided the city into 6 sub-cities in order to push for better infrastructure. According to officials, development projects will be implemented here after a detailed study of all the sub-cities.

Another reason behind the division is that Gurgaon has a number of physical barriers. So the development of infrastructure without dividing the region properly might lead to issues and delays. However, the process of studying each and every sector thoroughly would take some time. This is why the development and infrastructure plans are being delayed.

According to the plan, sub-city 1 consists of the locality on the left side of the Delhi-Gurugram expressway while travelling towards Jaipur, covering the sectors along SPR and most of New Gurugram. The region of old Gurugram lying between the National Highway and the railway line falls under sub-city 2. The region between Naurangpur and Sohnapur, along with sectors 68 to 80 would constitute sub-city 3. Sub-city 4 consists of IMT Manesar, while sectors 81 to 96 are covered by sub-city 5 and 6.

The sub-cities would be further divided into sectors, so that infrastructure problems can be addressed at the cluster level. For example, if a particular sub city is facing lack of proper academic infrastructure, more schools would be developed there.  Although large infrastructure projects can be built only at city level, community centres, water supply, etc., can be developed at cluster level.

Environmental and transportation plans would also be developed based on the sub cities. For instance, if a certain sub city is running short on groundwater, recharge of groundwater would be emphasized there. Afforestation projects would also be undertaken in the same way. By this division of Gurgaon, GMDA aims at solving problems at the most local level.

The first Resident Advisory Council (RAC) was held in Gurgaon on Thursday, and the division of the city into these sub-cities was discussed there too. RAC consists of people from different social sections and its main role is to keep a watch on the pace of projects undertaken by GMDA.