Godrej Properties Emerge Among Leading Developers in Bangalore, Pune and Mumbai

By : 360 Realtors

02 August, 2018

Godrej properties have emerged as one of the leading real estate developers in the three leading metros of the country, including Pune, Mumbai and Bangalore. In recent years, the sales booking for the company in each of these markets have been over INR 800 crore. The developers have come up with luxury apartments in india for the homeowners, bringing the scope of exploring the elegance and sophistication of real estate to the residents. In the last fiscal, the total sales bookings for the company was around INR 5.083 crore. The executive chairman of the group revealed that the company had just completed the best ever year in terms of volume and value of real estate. Well, you may be interested in buying residential or commercial property in india. Have a look at the real estate portals for the upcoming projects. Presently, Godrej is developing a number of projects in the key cities of the country. You may book these apartments now and enjoy your housing aspirations. The executive chairman also stated that the GPL has delivered sales of more than Rs 1,000 crore in each of the four quarters in the last fiscal.

For the first time, Godrej Properties have emerged as one of the top three developers in these cities, in terms of real estate value. This has been calculated on the sales figures in the four cities, including Pune, Bangalore, Mumbai and the NCR region. During the last fiscal, the company has sold more than 1.25 million S1. Ft. of area. The booking value for these properties have been more than INR 800 crore in each of these four markets, according to the executive chairman.

The success of the company lies in combining the traditional strength in the new project with a strong enhancement in sales. The company has relied on the existing inventory for these projects, which stand at INT 2,780 crore in the financial year 2018. During the last fiscal, the total value of booking was recorded at INR 5,083 crore. This presents a year on year increment of around 152%. As a result, the company is likely to emerge as the largest publicity listed developer in the country in terms of sales value in financial year 2018. In contrast, the sales figures of Godrej as a whole have declined during the last fiscal. Investors interested in buying commercial real estate india should have a look at the leading real estate portals for the latest projects. They can choose the property according to their budget and other specifications. Godrej has been one of the leading developers in the country, and has launched a number of projects in recent years. Other projects are under constructions and these are likely to be launched in the coming months.

Godrej Properties is the real estate arm of the Godrej Group. The company has recorded a two-fold jump in its consolidated net profit to INR 141.51 crore in quarter four, between January to March 2018. This figure is more than double the figure recorded during the same period last year, which was INR 62.59 crore. In case you are looking for luxury homes for sale in india, you can have a look at the upcoming projects of Godrej in the big cities.