Green Buildings to Become the New By-Word in Indian Real Estate Sector

By : Silky Malhotra

24 March, 2017

With so many landmark reforms being introduced in 2016, the Indian real estate is expected to become more transparent and professional in the years to come with many organized players present on the ground. Accelerated by these measures, the property in India is sure to witness a healthy demand with organized, trustworthy and reputed realty brands dominating the sector. 

Talking about the Real estate India, nowadays a lot of emphasis is being given to green buildings, and as a result there is an increased availability of green building products and lot of excitement and enthusiasm from developers in making such constructions. The builders have understood that a green certification attracts more investors and customers and thus are working accordingly to promote the same in their developments. No doubt, there is still an appreciable supply of the same but what is required is to create a large scale awareness regarding it.

Environmental issues exist with almost every economic activity, be it agriculture, manufacturing, retail or services, and the same needs to be managed significantly. The various construction activities, while using the natural resources, contribute to pollution in one way or the other and so it becomes the builder’s responsibility to take care of all such environmental concerns. In Oct 2015, it was decided to reduce its carbon emission levels by 30-35% by the year 2030. 

Conventional vs. Green Buildings
With the increasing income level, rising consumption patterns and booming urbanization, the usage of natural resources has also increased considerably. The high levels of economic growth have led to an increased demand for enhanced living standards, putting a pressure on the natural environment.  Sustainability in the constructions is not just restricted to energy conservation; but also includes the effect on the environment, use of natural resources and living conditions for the dwellers. The green buildings should incorporate features that promote use of renewable energy, efficient use of water and energy, proper waste management, use of renewable energy and recyclable materials, use of building management systems and provide an overall healthy, happy and better living environment for its occupants.

Steps to promote clean energy

The implementation of green technologies at the construction sites can help in reducing the carbon footprint, thus reducing air pollution. Few measures that need to be adopted for the same are:

  • Low-volatile organic compounds (VOC) like sealants, adhesives, carpets, and paints and composite wood to be used in order to curb the air pollution.
  • Focus on occupancy-based air-conditioning and control of lighting.
  • Rain water harvesting for water conservation and high-performance plumbing fixtures need to installed for improved water management.
  • Reflective materials and light colors to be applied on floors, ceilings and walls. 
  • Going in for high quality building material brands that have a considerable quality of industrial waste in them like replacing clay bricks with fly ash bricks.
  • Porous construction materials in order to facilitate proper water drainage and raise the level of water table.
  •  Taking responsibility

However, the real estate sector is taking keen interest and working towards solving these environmental issues. People are becoming more and more aware of the problems arising due to the environmental degradation and the governments across the globe are issuing guidelines addressing them. Implementation of dust-suppression measures, green perimeter buffers around project sites, recycled water from sewage treatment plants being used for construction purposes, solar power and recycling of construction waste for making road embankments, etc. are some of the measures being adopted to make it an environment-friendly construction process.  This increased focus on energy-efficient and eco-friendly systems, will undoubtedly pave the way ahead for a safe and healthy construction sector.  

For those who want to buy property in India, they need to understand that for developing a green building, the required sustainable features need to be envisioned and incorporated in the early planning and design stage itself. And, if this is made a usual practice and all the buildings are energy-efficient buildings, the world will have the best real estate in India

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