Home Buyers Can Get Excellent Deals, As Property Prices Stabilize

By : 360 Realtors

24 August, 2016

The Indian real estate market which had seen sluggish growth in the last few years, is witnessing a turnaround. Current property prices have stabilized, giving investors and developers plenty of real estate investment options that can reap excellent returns. This is the right time for potential homebuyers to invest in property as the prices of real estate have stabilized and are expected to remain in the same range in the next 6 months. Developers are also offering huge discounts, as well as building affordable homes for homebuyers so that they can make a quick investment decision.

Over the last few years, the housing sales have slowed down, with delay in deliveries, weak sentiments and increasing inventory piling up which has resulted in a sluggish growth of the Indian realty sector. The industry is on the verge of a turnaround as investors are slowing returning to the market as property prices stabilize.

India has a large number of population living in urban areas and this share is going to increase further over the coming years. As projected by the realty experts the country will witness a realty boom in the years ahead and that is one of the reasons why people in India are still hopeful and making investments in the Indian property market. The real estate market for the country has immense potential and will be soaring high in the years to come.

With the latest measures and initiatives taken by the Indian government, this picture looks more clear and favorable. The liberalization of FDI is immensely attracting huge foreign investments into the Indian property market. India stands on the fourth number amongst the leading Asian destinations for FDI.

Further it is expected that the coming years will be relatively better as with the passing of Real Estate Regulatory Authority Bill many homebuyers will feel protected and thus this might induce confidence in the real estate industry.

The Indian property market suffered a major slump in the last few years but however is expected to learn from its mistakes now and focus on successful project completion and deliveries. The coming times are anticipated to witness an increase in new launches and hence a better home sales. The country will have an end user driven market rather than an investor driven populace. The property prices will also witness some major corrections resulting in quicker investments.

There is another good news for the potential homebuyers.  As per a recent report by FICCI-Knight Frank India, the housing sales are expected to improve over the coming months or might remain stable due to the price appreciation remaining silent.

As per the latest survey by Real Estate Sentiment Index , done for the quarter April-June 2016, post a clam and quite scenario in the Indian residential market, the future of the housing sales seems to be bright enough and follow the similar growth as seen in Q1 2016. This indicates strong positive hold of stakeholders in the years to come as currently the Indian property market is passing through an interesting phase. 

Since the Indian realty industry has given positive signals in the first quarter of 2016, the future projections also seem quite hopeful.Not just the residential segment is showing signs of recovery but the commercial space absorption is also expected to grow leaps and bounds.As per the report, there are chances of significant improvement in the sentiments for residential segment.

As per the conducted survey, a considerable number of respondents have high hopes in Q2 2016 resulting in increasing sales volume. Approximately 95 percent of respondents feel that in the coming six months, the sales will either remain stable or might show slight improvement.

But in spite of a better sales volume, the realty stakeholders anticipate the residential prices to stay mute. Over 60 percent of the respondents expect a damp or similar residential price appreciation in the coming months. 

Thus we can say that the Indian property market is likely to grow upwards and this rising graph will make it an excellent investment option for more and more number of people.