How Drones can help Indian Real Estate

By : 360 Realtors

27 January, 2016

With all industries, leveraging technology to gain customers, real estate is not far behind. Real Estate dealers have taken to drones to provide buyers beautiful 360 degree views of luxury properties. In the US the use of Drone technology has really taken off. Real-estate businesses won nearly a third of the first 500 commercial drone permits that were granted by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in the US last year. The most popular use of drones was showcasing properties with video taken from the air, which accounted for nearly 153 of the early permits granted by the FAA, last year in September.

Developers can capture beautiful landscaped shots of luxury properties using drones and get 360 degree views which are difficult to capture using regular cameras and equipment. Property advisors state that using drones is best suited to capturing grand homes with sweeping views, lush estates and other extensive plots that are difficult to capture with a static camera. Property buyers can get really enchanted by a clever video showcasing its best features. 

Area Mapping

The drone footage allows developers to show the geographic location of an asset, highlight property amenities, and capture unseen views. Buyers can get a better idea about how a property will look and more about its surroundings of the beautiful 360 degree images that are created by drones. Actual images taken of the surroundings, including the proximity to highways, neighborhood are the factors that will customer's judge the value of the property. Developers will be able to highlight a property's neighborhood, proximity to highways, access to parking, retail shopping and more for commercial usage.

Beautiful Views of properties

Drones or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) can help capture previously unseen views of properties that can help in actual sales. Drones can give a bird's eye view of properties through cameras that are airborne. Beautiful 4K resolution images and videos captured by drones provide beautiful and clear images. The scale of aerial photography is invaluable.

Updates on Construction status

Real estate portals are using drones to map property areas and photograph under-construction real-estate projects which can give buyers and investors an update about the status of a property as well as an overall feel. Many developers are using the footage captured by these drones and putting it on their websites, so potential buyers can see their properties online. This is an added advantage for property buyers as well as they are able to get a feel of the property as well as regular updates on the construction status.

Drones are Cheaper

In real estate, the view commands a premium. Till now people used to capture images by sending a kite sent at a particular height, or balloons or helicopter. How ever drones, which come with high-end sophisticated camera are much cheaper to use. Going forward builders can even use drones to transport small equipment and material to the construction sites.

Although the regulations surrounding Drone usage in India are still under discussion, the benefits that drones bring to the Indian Real Estate market will make them a necessity in the coming years. Recently the Indian government has started utilizing drones for monitoring the progress of highway construction, which will help in 360 degree mapping and assess the progress in construction. With the norms surrounding the use of drones becoming clearer, leveraging this technology will allow the real estate market to grow positively. Drones will help the Indian real estate business reach new heights!