Hyderabad Outperforms Other Indian Cities in Overseas Property Deals

By : 360 Realtors

15 December, 2022

Among the top cities in India that appeal to NRIs for property Investments, Hyderabad has stood out from the rest. This is a positive development for the real estate industry in the country. In 2021, the key cities where NRIs used to invest in real estate properties included Chennai, Bengaluru, and Pune. However, after evaluating the massive investments that NRIs have made in the real estate sector in 2022, it appears that Hyderabad is currently the top city in India attracting investors.

In the early parts of 2022, Hyderabad bagged 22% of the NRI market share in the real estate industry. The NCR and Bengaluru occupy the second and third positions, with 20% and 18% shares, respectively.

Key players in the local real estate market reveal that many people with overseas jobs are interested in purchasingopen plots, office spaces, and other forms of real estate property for investment. This has increased the investment quotient by NRIs to 20% from 15%. Apart from the number of purchases, the ticket sizes have also grown significantly.

Among the NRIs purchasing real estate properties in India, most are from the US. Other NRI property owners come from countries like the UK, Canada, the Middle East, and other countries in Asia. In some cases, the big-ticket purchases are as high as INR 10 crore.

The commercial growth of Hyderabad has been one of the reasons for which NRIs are investing in the city. Commercially, it is one of the most lucrative places to live in South India. Besides attracting residents, it appeals to MNCs and corporate giants. Naturally, business owners would be interested to set up their ventures in Hyderabad. This booming real estate economy has been a positive development for investors. They can benefit from the increment in property prices. This explains why Hyderabad fares better than other Indian cities in this segment. Investors should book their properties early in this city as the property prices are likely to increase.