Important Things To Keep In Mind When Going For Home Staging

By : 360 Realtors

03 September, 2016

Staging your house to sell means you are preparing to present your home before a buyer and sell it at the max possible benefits whether the market is slow or on a boom. However stylish, comfortable and immaculate your home may be, but you need to upgrade it with the finest of materials and features in order to present it before the prospective buyer so that the latter can picture it as their own home.

Staging should not be confused with decorating the house as in reality the concept just means transformation in such a way that it matches the requirements of many others. It involves choosing the right things, putting away the extra stuff and highlighting the focal points in the main areas. Or, in other words, you are emotionally preparing yourself to separate from the idea of your house as your home. Now your house is just your commodity and you need to put max efforts in order to sell your product at the best possible price.

Why is it important?

Staging is not compulsory but optional. It is just a method of presenting your house in such a way that you exhibit your house’s natural features and best assets, impress the buyers and complete the transaction quickly at best possible price. If done in a right way, it can reduce your selling time by almost half and can lift up your sales prices. In a competitive market also it would help to sell your house easily. If the market is slow, it would help the owners to gain more attention for their house. For homes in lower budget range, it always helps because not many people go for it.


Some of the things that you should keep in mind before opting for home staging are:

•    Let your home speak: Your home should give a positive impression by having properly placed furniture, beautiful and fresh linens, color-coordinated accessories, and everything that gives a very warm feeling. There should not be too many emotional distractions. The buyer would go from room to room, inside the closets and yes even underneath the sink. So it’s important to make every nook and corner attractive and appealing.

•    Keep it clutters free: Most of the people would agree that our homes are full of things that we haven’t even used since last 5 years. We have junk drawers fully loaded with our own flavor of clutter. The kitchen shelf should be as neat and clean as possible. Equipments like toaster, oven, blender, a coffee pot, a block of knives, etc if kept on the shelf might be convenient for you but would give an idea to the buyer that you lack enough cabinet space to stack these things properly. So in case you have a potential buyer visiting your home, it is better to keep these things in the cabinet in order to give the kitchen a clean and spacious look.

•    Don’t shoot the stager: The main purpose of getting your house staged is to rearrange and reallocate the things so that it suits the tastes of “others.” A stager’s job is to arrange, hide, highlight, repair the things in order to get a “wow” response from the customers and this would at times means that all your personal and favorite things need to take a backspace. You should not take things personally because the stager is there just to present your house at its best and only he can bring the objectivity and neutrality needed to achieve the objective. Though professional staging is a lot of inconvenience as it completely turns your own personal arrangements to suit the comfort of others but in case you want to sell your house in the shortest time frame giving maximum profits, then you need to adjust with him.

•    Make it inviting and appealing: At times people might just quickly tour your home thinking on the spot, whether it’s worth visiting or not. Make your exteriors also attractive enough to lure the onlookers. Keep your walkways neat and clean with fresh flowers and green pots all around. The name plates should be dust free and easy to read. Mow the garden, if any, and wash the front windows. The porch should be inviting with a clean doormat well placed and if possible one or two pieces of porch furniture. If it’s evening time, keep the outside well illuminated to give a nice extra touch.

Thus, Home staging makes your house look bigger, brighter and cleaner, highlighting its light side. It is just about creating a potential and possibility as an inviting place for the buyers. Proper home staging is beneficial for the sellers as it saves on your time and money. Since the potential buyers want a house that fulfills their dreams and elevates their lifestyles, they would never like to go in for an option that needs work to be done upon and for every problem they see, they would deduct its cost from the offer price reducing on your gains.