Important Tips To Care Your Home This Monsoon

By : 360 Realtors

03 June, 2016

Pre-monsoon showers feels great but at the same time kindles your curiosity about house maintenance. Because no matter how much you may enjoy getting drenched in the rains, you would long for the warm cozy corner your house. So here are few home care tips to ensure that you spend best time back home this monsoon season.

Repair Leaks In the Roofs & Walls

Dripping roofs are bound to cause unnecessary hassles and ruin your mood during monsoons, so remember to repair leaks in the roofs and walls of your house. Many use coating to fix leaks in the roofs. While covering damaged roofs with plastic sheets is mere a temporary solution to roof leaks problem. Also, there are adhesives and sealants for sealing openings in the roof & walls. There are many companies which provide roof repair services to its clients. You need to look out for those companies and tell them your requirement, followed by your address to get things fixed.  

Upgrade Drainage System

People also complain of poor sanitary during heavy rainfall. Therefore, it is important that you take of your drainage system and repair damages as soon as possible. For this you can connect the downspouts to underground drains that will carry the waters away from your premise to the street. Install trench drain to driveway slopes, sidewalks and other solid surfaces to prevent it from running down right into your house.  

Avoid Home Renovation

Getting any kind of home renovation in the rainy season may create cracks in the walls, leading to water leakage. Its best not to renovate your house during monsoon. If there are cracks already on the wall surface then get them plastered and painted to stop water leakage and you can opt for good paints to avoid dampness that cause green and black looking mould or mildew.

Stop Pest From Entering Your House

Wet and humid weather invites pests such as silverfish, carpet beetles, moths, fleas, etc therefore take proper care of your house. Do regular dusting and cleaning of the house. Keep your room, including your clothes, bedding & linen dry. Use neem leaves, cloves or naphthalene balls inside your cupboards to prevent growth and entrance of pests.  You can take help of pest control service providers in your area to ensure your dwelling place is pest free.

Use Ventilators To Keep Away Dampness

Ensure your home has proper ventilation to avoid moisture and dampness in the rooms. Ventilators used at home keep room atmosphere fresh and enable you breathe healthy indoors. There are different kinds of room ventilation systems available in the market, so get one for your house.

Protect Wooden Furniture

Excess moisture in the indoor air can damage wooden door and furniture of your house. Protect your wooden furniture applying coating on them. This will prevent moisture from building up and increase life of your wooden furniture for which you have paid so much of money. Applying coating not only make these look new buy help you save on money.

Take care of heavy damp smell

Damp smell in the rooms during monsoons can cause discomfort and many health issues. So you can use room fresheners to avoid the heavy smell and breath fresh & healthy air. You can also use few drops of favorite essential oil near the air conditioner or cooler to blow it across the room.

All these useful tips for home care will definitely make you experience comfortable living. Do follow these ideas for enjoying the warmth of your house this monsoon season.