Indian investors are investing more in Dubai real estate!

By : 360 Realtors

15 December, 2017

As a real estate investment hub, Dubai has always attracted the Indians. The intensity of investment in Dubai in the last few years has undergone a massive increment. In the last 18 months, Indian investors have invested more than INR 42,000 crores in property in Dubai. As compared to 2014, this figure is 40% higher. At present, Indians form the largest section for foreign investors in Dubai. Various factors have led to this trend, including high rates of interest, attractive returns and so on.

The Indian investors can gain 8-10% free returns on tax when they invest in the real estate market in Dubai. Evidently, Dubai has turned out to be a popular investment hub for the Indians. According to the current norms of RBI, Indians can remit a maximum of USD 250,000 to a foreign country. This indicates that they can invest USD 500,000 in just two years in the country. This is good enough to purchase any quality property in the country.

Another factor leading to the increasing investment of Indians in Dubai is the short distance between the two places. Abundant flights are available, which facilitates an easy transportation facility between these zones.

High transparency in transactions is an important factor leading to the increased interest of Indians in the Dubai real estate. After RERA was announced, foreign investment in Dubai from India had a significant surge. The real estate market in Dubai is known for its transparency. This eliminates certain risks, which attract the Indian investors.

Lower budget requirement while investing in property in Dubai is a prominent factor, leading to the increased investment in the sector. The investors need to spend lesser in the real estate market in Dubai, in comparison to cities like Delhi and Mumbai. According to the latest reports, property prices in Dubai are around INR 25,000 per square foot, which is lower than the tier 1 cities. Even if you do not have a high-budget to invest in property in a foreign city, you can acquire a property in Dubai. In terms of personal finance, this is much more profitable.

The investment churn and high returns from the stock markets is another reason that has led to the increased interest of the Indians in Dubai real estate. With the rise in the value of stocks, the income increases and this fosters greater purchasing power among the individuals.

According to JLL India, Indians are getting inclined towards the real estate market in Dubai. The problems faced by Indian investors in the past in Dubai have been eliminated. These include delays in development, high ticket sizes, and the unavailability of exit options. However, with the streamlining of the investment process, the investment process has received a boost and Indian investors have a good option for investment in Dubai.