Indian Millennials Are Largely Propelling Real Estate Industry

By : 360 Realtors

11 March, 2022

The Indian real estate sector has been healing back to health since the onset of the pandemic. Thanks to the interest and buying capacity of the millennials, the sector has witnessed significant growth. Interestingly, many individuals are considering the real estate sector to be a major investment avenue. As they recognize the value of channeling funds into property, the sector looks better than what it was a year before.

Economic instability among other asset classes happens to be a key reason for the millennials to choose the real estate sector for investment. They are drawn towards attractive property valuations in different parts of the country. Moreover, real estate continues to be a highly lucrative asset class at a time of economic volatility. Apart from millennials, NRIs are also looking for new properties in India.

Besides residential properties, the demand for commercial real estate is also increasing in India. Millennials have found a lucrative investment option in commercial properties. They are gradually moving towards spaces that would be used to develop logistics, healthcare systems, and retail. Naturally, the sale of commercial properties in India has been increasing.

According to a survey, around 31% of the investors opted for offices. Among the commercial property investors, 15% went for retail. Others invested in development land and residential private rented properties in 2021. Besides, the moneyed class of investors is moving towards ESG-compliant assets to ensure that their portfolios remain future-proof.