Indian women investing in real estate as an asset class

By : 360 Realtors

14 March, 2022

Evolving trends in the real estate industry in India reveal that an increasing number of women are investing in property. This is a healthy sign for the sector, which has been consistently healing from the slow down over the last couple of years. Around 64% of women who are currently investing prefer real estate to other asset classes. Moreover, a study has revealed that as much as 41% of women prefer to go for 3 BHK homes. Besides, 26% of the women purchasing real estate in India primarily buy properties for investment purposes.

Around 36% of these women want to buy apartments in 2 BHK formats. 4 BHK homes happen to be the choice of 11% women. In the second half of 2020, the number of female property owners was 62%. It increased from 57% back in the second half of 2019, when the world did not witness the pandemic.

Statistics reveal that around 67% of women willing to purchase properties go for the premium and mid segments. These are the properties that come in the range between INR 45 lakhs and INR 1.5 crore. Among this, 34% of the women have their budget in the range between INR 90 lakhs to INR 1.5 crore. Around 33% of women have their budget in the lower price bracket.

Also, ultra-luxury properties witnessed a 2% increment in demand, rising from 5% to 7% during this time. This is an interesting development in the Indian real estate sector, that would lead to a significant growth in the industry.