Key Aspects to Verify While Buying a Home Based on Sample Flat

By : 360 Realtors

23 July, 2018

With the real estate market in India continuously evolving and the cut-throat competition between the various developers, extensive marketing is carried out by the builders in India to sell their flats. And though most of them promote correct details there might also be traps. So as an intelligent investor here is a few guidelines you should keep in mind when you buy flat in India based on the sample flat.

A sample flat is the flat is a fully furnished flat made by the developer on the site to give an idea about the actual look of the apartment once completed. Again there is a difference between a sample flat and a show flat. A show flat is fully furnished one. But the furnishings and artefacts won’t be a part of the actual flat. They are just placed to give an idea about the size of the apartment. And though the developers always mention sample flat what they mean really is show flat.

And though the concept of sample flat works for the buyers as they can foresee what their future home would be like, there is a difference between the sample flat and the actual flat for genuine reasons. For eg: With 3 or 4 flats on each floor the direction would change and so would the placement to keep the flat vaastu friendly. But here are the 3 things that you can take with you from the sample flat.

1.    Ascertain and check the sample flat

The sample flat is more or less the preview of your proposed new home. So rather than just moving about and seeing the flat take a plunge and observe and ask for every small detail that you might be looking for in your new home.

2.    Take an idea of the built-up area.

All the key features of any property are mentioned on the best property portals in India. Still visiting the actual site and the sample flat is always advisable before buying any flat. That is because it will give you an exact idea about the dimensions of the flat. Words like carpet area, super built-up area, built up area etc. sounds alien to the layman. But when you visit the sample flat you can take a feel of the space that will be available for you and your family. You should also take an idea of the floor to ceiling ratio from the sample flat.

3.    Furniture and fixtures

Besides the built-up area, the sample flat also comes with the furniture and fixtures. You must clarify with the developer what all of the fixtures will come fitted in the flat. Also, you can check with its quality and check for the company which is used for the fixtures. Besides you will also get to know what all fittings and fixtures that the developer will not provide and you will need to buy for your new home.

If you are looking to buy apartment in India by looking at the sample flat then do keep in mind the points mentioned above!