Millennials going for real estate investment to secure their future

By : 360 Realtors

10 April, 2018

Trends of real estate investment are changing. Previously, investing in real estate was not much appreciated. However, today millennials are investing on real estate to secure their future. For many people, owning their home is a dream. The prices of homes are rising over the years. The millennials are looking forward to get tech-based solutions that will enable them get the best returns on their investment. At the same time, the risk factor involved in the process should be minimal. Therefore, people are opting for real estate investment these days, as it is secure. Particularly, for fixed rate mortgages, you are aware of the payments that you have to make over the years. You know the EMIs that you need to pay, which makes it easy to plan your budget. Accordingly, you can invest for the future.

People buying a home get life-security at various levels. Especially, after crossing the age of 25, people are valuing real estate investment over stocks. The stock markets are susceptible to crashes, as seen in 2008. During the recession, it became difficult for college students to find jobs. Many families were affected by financial repression. This was the reason why people shifted the focus from stock market to real estate. When people purchased home, they got the financial as well as emotional security. Besides, the real estate industry in India has been fast-developing. Certain regulatory measures have come up for ensuring a transparency in the industry. With the inception of the RERA, the homebuyers have been able to restore their faith in the real estate industry.

India has got a large young population. It has got around 53 million young employees, who are facing challenges in saving their money for their retirement. Real estate is among the most promising domains of investment. The millennials have realized the prominence of safeguarding the financial well-being in the long terms. Real estate investment can bring them good yields. Besides, the compounding interest helps them to make a good saving. People can also rent out their properties for good returns.

 Today’s youth is inclined towards doing online research. They finalize the purchase only after making the necessary consultations and visiting the site physically. Often, they go for the real estate sites. Therefore, the realtors need to enhance their search engine mechanisms to ensure that the homeowners find the property that they are looking for.

Commercial real estate is one of the most important aspects in this area. The millennials are investing in commercial real estate properties to overcome financial crisis. They can buy these properties, rent them off and sell them whenever they want.

 For millennials, owning a property is a symbol of class, besides providing them with financial and emotional security. The young generation has come to realize that when they own assets, they do not have to depend on landlords for housing. Real estate investments, therefore, help them to save large amounts on rents, which they can use to pay EMIs for a home that they own. You need to stay updated with the latest news on real estate and make the best use of your financial resources.