MP Government Aiming To Ensure Pucca Houses For The Poor by 2024

By : 360 Realtors

06 September, 2021

Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister has performed the foundation ceremony or Bhumi-Pooja of the houses that have been newly approved for poor people in urban areas at Khandwa. As a part of this event, he stated that the target of the government was to ensure the availability of pucca houses for all the poor families residing in the state by 2024. The minister also stated that the program should involve the poor people, who need to participate in it. Only then the ambitious goals would be fulfilled. Incidentally, the government of Madhya Pradesh is trying to make significant developments for the poor, who need basic facilities like houses, clothes, and food.

As a part of this program, the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (Urban) has already helped 1,29,292 beneficiaries. 79,039 beneficiaries have received the respective amounts in their accounts. The total amount disbursed as a part of this plan is INR 627 crores. In this program, the foundation ceremony was done for the construction of properties for as many as 50,253 people who are under the scheme. Apart from this, food grains were distributed among the poor, who are likely to be benefited under the program.

People who do not own any land till now will be provided ownership of the property through lease. Besides, the government will provide them with Ayushman Yojana cards that ensure adequate health security to the people. The government also has INR 44,000 crore waiting to develop the cities. The aim is to legalize the colonies that have eventually come up illegally in the cities. Measures are also being taken to ensure that such illegal colonies do not come up in the future.

This is a significant development for the real estate industry. With the government scheme benefitting the poor, more people are likely to purchase homes under the program.