NDMC Announces Property Tax Waiver for Houses and Residential Plots

By : 360 Realtors

09 September, 2021

The NDMC (North Delhi Municipal Corporation) has proposed a plan that would effectively waive off the property tax for residential plots and homeowners in the city. This is applicable for properties that span up to 50 sq. m. However, certain terms and conditions are likely to be imposed as a part of the scheme. The municipal commissioner will now receive the proposal. As a private member bill, the proposal was moved during the proceedings of the House and eventually received a green signal.

The NDMC leaders were represented by different segments of society. Primarily, the objective was to look for financial relief considering the impact of the pandemic. The authorities have stated that people would be benefitted from the scheme only if they have been residing in the property. In case they have rented off the properties, they will not be eligible to avail of the benefits. Besides, properties, where the members of a single-family have been residing, would be considered as a part of the tax relaxation program.

The authorities also stated that the scheme will benefit people who are living in JJ clusters or unauthorized colonies. Besides, it would cover properties located on the fringes of the city. This proposal also included a provision that would provide relief in terms of payment for due tax on property for people residing in areas like extended Lal Dora, Lal Dora, and 544 unauthorized & regularised colonies. It also includes the properties that have been allotted to displaced Kashmiris. This move is likely to significantly relieve the residents amidst the pandemic.

People residing in Lal Dora and extended Lal Dora simply need to shell out the property tax for the financial year 2021-22. Evidently, there would be a waiver for the tax in the previous year. This is also applicable for the residents living in the unauthorized colonies and unauthorized regularised colonies.