New Home Essentials

By : 360 Realtors

02 February, 2016

Moving into a new house? Here are few tips to quickly turn your new house into a comfortable sweet home.

Moving into a new apartment can be very exciting and nerve racking as well. Whether it’s a two bedroom set or a big penthouse apartment you have the freedom to do anything with it. To make sure you have everything you need we have complied a list of home essentials that will help you set up your home as well as help you save money and time.

First and foremost is the furniture. You need to have a bed as well as all the essentials including living room furniture, dining table, almirah's, side tables, etc. In electronics a TV, DVD player and if you are a music buff a music player/Stereo system is a must. Make sure to get a set-top box and a cable connection for your TV set. An internet connection is also very essential, considering most of us like to remain connected via our smartphones, desktop or tablets. These are the main things needed to set up your home.

Apart from this there are other many small things that you need to remember for your home. For first timers, we have made a checklist that will tell you which are the things necessary in your home that you simply can't live without. You may be on a budget and skip or choose things that you need from the list.


Let's start with the Front Door; you can keep a welcome mat at the door as well as some green plants. Next, think about all the things you need in a day. Do you need a coat hanger or a shoe rack where you can hang your jacket or kick off your shoes as soon as you enter? A key hanger near the door can help you save time as you will not have to run around finding your keys at the last minute.

Living Area

The next is the living area; make sure you have a comfortable living area where you can relax after a tiring day. Also, you have to choose whether you need a carpet in the living room or not. We would suggest that if you have a carpeted living room you can skip the rug, however, if you have hardwood or laminate floors you should spend money on a comfortable rug. You can also keep table coasters to protect your wooden furniture as well as buy table and floor lamps that would give your living room a cozy feel. If you are a book lover like me a handy book shelf is a must as well.


Your kitchen will be the center of your home and probably the most used space. Setting up your kitchen is the next step. Make sure to equip your kitchen with essentials like glasses, sponges for cleaning and garbage bin near the sink. Keep your various pots and pans, dishes, spices, etc. near the stove. Other kitchen essentials include napkins, matches, scissors, rubber bands, flashlights, candles, etc., for which you can maintain a junk drawer.

You will also need a fridge, microwave, toaster or oven if you love baking. Apart from this you will need all the cooking essentials including flour, oil, rice, spices, lentils, sugar, tea, etc. Having all these things handy will make working in your kitchen a delight.

Dining Room

You would need a dining table and chairs for the dining room as well as a cabinet to store all your cutlery/silver ware in. Apart from this you will need placemats, runners and napkins. You could also place a fruit bowl or a flower vase to add a more personal touch to your dining room.



Whether you are single or married your bedroom is a sanctuary where you a can sit and relax. You will need curtains, sheets, waste basket, pillows, bed spreads, etc. Another must for your bedroom is an alarm clock to make sure that you wake up on time, or you can simply put the alarm on your smartphone. A bed side table can be very handy to keep your book, or a bottle of water, or your phone right by your side in the night.


Bathrooms come equipped with a tiled floor, and come with a toilet, shower, bath tub and a sink. Apart from this you will need essentials like a dustbin, bags, toilet cleaner, paper, soap, shampoo, toothbrush and toothpaste holder, hand towels, shelves to keep all your stuff on, mirror, bath mat as well as a shower curtain and rings. A laundry basket in the bathroom also helps in stashing away your dirty clothes. Make sure to keep a medicine kit and a first aid box as well.

Laundry Room

For your laundry, make sure to stock detergent, soap, laundry baskets, an iron and an ironing board. Though not many people have a laundry room, these items are essential for everyone. 

Around the House

Don’t forget to keep a tool kit with a screwdriver, nuts and bolts, hammer, batteries, flashlights, measuring tape and duct tape all of which can come in handy while setting up your new home.

Setting up your home is an exciting time and can be a little stressful at times. Don’t forget to ask your friends and family for help if needed. Enjoy the whole process and even if you miss out on something, don’t worry, you can easily get it the next time you go shopping.