NRI Property Buyers Enjoy an Advantage in the Post-Pandemic Real Estate Market

By : 360 Realtors

15 December, 2022

The post-pandemic real estate market in India has opened up tremendous investment scope for NRIs. According to a statistic, 71% of NRIs prefer investing in the real estate market in India. This is significantly higher than the pre-pandemic times, when the share was 55%.The emergence of this interest can be attributed to several factors that have lured NRIs to invest in the property market in India.

Considering real estate to be a valuable asset, investors are keen to channel their funds into the property market. The sentiments among NRIs to own a home back in India continues to be strong. Besides, NRIs enjoy an advantage as the US dollar keeps growing stronger over the Indian rupee. This gives them a strategic advantage as they get more purchasing power. Currently, the US dollar stands at around INR 82. The lucrative real estate sector in India attracts them to purchase properties and thereby increase their asset value.

Of late, the real estate market in India has grown significantly. Particularly, property prices underwent a spike in 2022 by 7% in top cities like Delhi-NCR, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, and Chennai. In the next couple of years, this growth momentum is likely to dominate the industry. This healthy growth pattern is one of the key factors that are drawing investors and NRIs to purchase these properties.

On the other hand, real estate has gained ground in India, thanks to technological intervention. Now, developers are empowered with tools that can help them sell properties to NRIs faster. Moreover, the inception of the RERA has brought about more transparency in the real estate sector. This assures safe havens for investment in the Indian realty sector for NRIs.

The increased share of NRI investment in the realty sector in India is a positive sign for the industry. With this section of the investors injecting funds, the realty sector is likely to boom in the coming years.