NRIs Eye Attractive Returns From Real Estate Investments In India

By : 360 Realtors

08 June, 2023

A recent survey on the sentiments of NRIs in investing in the India real estate sector revealed that they are in favour of investing in the country over the Western markets. The potential of earning a high return from these investments prompt investors to channel their funds to the realty sector in India. For NRIs, there are different risk mitigation strategies like diversifying currency exposure, so that they can overcome currency fluctuations due to inflation.

An NRI-focused fintech platform carried out the research that reveals that about 53% of NRIs prefer investing in domestic market rather than the international ones. This survey evaluated data from different countries like Singapore, the US, the UK, and Australia, among others. The report further focuses on the challenges faced by NRIs and their preferences while investing in India. The researchers commented on the economic performance of India and the country’s investment outlook, which looks great for NRIs. The low market volatility in the real estate sector and stable economic growth in different sectors make the industry appealing to NRIs.

According to a research, a sizable population of India is residing in the UK, the US, Singapore, and Australia. These people constitute the large NRI population who are looking forward to investing in the real estate sector in the country. The research also found that around 46% of these NRIs face hurdles in obtaining necessary licenses or approvals while investing in real estate. Besides, repatriating funds happens to be another obstacle for more than 35% of NRIs based in the UK and other countries. For Singapore-based NRIs, there’s another challenge as foreign investments are restricted in specific sectors.

Regardless of these hurdles, NRIs continue to invest in the Indian real estate sector. The growth potential of the property industry in India looks great.