Online Reputation Management - A Cornerstone for Effective Real Estate Marketing

By : 360 Realtors

18 March, 2020

Indian developers need to take a more strategic approach to marketing. In this digital native era, developers need to shift their marketing gears in order to maximize the results. In the digital native era, the role of web & technology is growing fast to bolster successful Real Estate marketing campaigns. Conventional marketing tools such as print ads, outdoors, leaflets still hold prominence but need to be strategically clubbed with other emerging forms such as digital platforms & events to create optimal results.

Amidst the explosive popularity of social media, marketers need to learn how to utilize newer forms of marketing campaigns in social media such as look-alike campaigns, carousel ads, call campaigns, etc. Similarly alongside Facebook, which is undoubtedly the most popular social media channel, other popular tools such as LinkedIn & Twitter should be used meticulously.

However, in addition to purely utilizing digital platforms for running marketing campaigns, it is also essential to focus on Online Reputation Management (ORM) as a part of effective brand management. Modern developers need to understand that buying a home is an extremely high-involvement decision for an average buyer. Hence, a bad developer reputation or even a negative review can adversely affect overall sales velocity. In addition to conventional PR tools, there is a pressing need to look into Online Reputation Management. In a time of democratization of the media space, platforms such as Glassdoor, Mouthshut & Google Reviews are very essential & can go a long way towards nurturing the brand value of a Real Estate entity.

In addition, due to the preference of a majority of homebuyers to on online channels, it also gives a boost to investors in building better trust resulting in referrals, which can also be a crucial factor in building credibility.

Another major plus point of online reputation management is its potential to increase word-of-mouth marketing. This could potentially lead to new contacts and partnership opportunities, which would have normally not been available without word-of-mouth marketing.

The online reputation of a brand can be a key catalyst to the success and failure of a business. Haing said that, online reputation management continues to be an essential component in not only building a business, but branding it for the long term. This further reinforces its importance as a critical tool that developers need to keep in their arsenal.