PM-UDAY Scheme Attracts Over 87,000 Applicants

By : 360 Realtors

18 November, 2021

A recent statistic reveals that more than 87,000 applicants are looking forward to benefit from the PM-UDAY Scheme of the government. This scheme has been developed to acknowledge the ownership rights of people who have been residing in Delhi’s unauthorized colonies. The figures are as per the details available on October 22. This implies that a massive number of people are willing to enjoy the benefit of the scheme developed by the Prime Minister.

Officials have also stated that more than four lakh registrations have taken place on the website already. This clearly indicates that people are keen to register their rights with regard to their property.

The PM-UDAY (Pradhan Mantri-Unauthorized Colony in Delhi) scheme is being deployed by the DDA (Delhi Development Authority). According to an official statement, 30,717 applications out of 87,275 have been deposited till the latest update. The application portal of PM-UDAY is being used for the implementation of the overall scheme. This is a positive trend for the real estate industry in India. Once the property rights are recognized, they would become legalized.

The official statement stated that till 22nd October, around 87,275 applications and 4,37,255 registrations have been submitted on the website. Out of the total number of applications, the statement also mentioned the number of applications that have already been deposited.

In this regard, it should be noted that the website will be undergoing maintenance on the weekend. The authorities would be upgrading the capacity of the website, which can give a better experience to the stakeholders. This would also ensure timely delivery of the available services. The mobile app will also be shut down for the specified time due to maintenance. This would be tentatively between 8 p.m. on 29th October and p.m. on 1st November. Therefore, users need to be aware of the timeframe when they won’t be able to access the website and the mobile app.