Popular Myths About Real Estate Agents Debunked

By : 360 Realtors

18 April, 2018

For hunting the best property deals and rentals, we have all worked with real estate agents. There are some popular stereo-types about realtors, which can be deceptive. There are some popular myths about real estate agents which aren’t true.

Here are some popular myths about real agents which aren’t true:

1. Realtors earn easy money

This myth is completely untrue, as real estate agents have to work equally hard as any other job to earn money. This perception that real estate agents earn money with ease is created by people who haven’t seen the hard work they put in for getting the perfect deals for you. Real estate professional have to face uncertain times like spending time on a project that may never materialize and they don’t get paid for showing properties until the deal is finalised.

2. Real estate portals are more reliable than agents

There are a number of websites which have hassle-free property listings which sometimes users believe are better placed in terms of valuation and availability. However, most of these sites use data that can end up confusing the customer, and the reliability of these listings is also questionable. Realtors have the most accurate idea about property prices, and can give a market assessment as well as deliver the best valuation on your property.

3. Realtors get massive commissions

Realtors earn commissions for every property deals that go through. However, they have to be bear massive overheads and expenses which eats away from the commission they earn on the property deal.

4. Property transactions can be managed without realtors

A number of buyers and sellers believe that they don’t need the services of a realtor, and can save a large chunk of money by doing the deal themselves. However, its not as easy as it sounds. You will have to run around looking for available property, search a number of sites, survey sites, meet owners, negotiate price, and much more before finalising a property.

5. You can’t trust realtors

Sometimes people group realtors as unscrupulous, due to a small unorganized section of the real estate business. However there are a number of professional and trustworthy realtors who conduct their business in a transparent and ethical manner.

Real Estate Associations like The Association of Real Estate Agents (AREA) has a number of ethical & knowledgeable real estate consultants who strive to deliver the best services during property transactions.