Project Revival Consultants Can Unlock Marketing Potential of Stressed Projects

By : 360 Realtors

13 March, 2020

Indian Real Estate is characterized strong fundamentals drawing from healthy aggregate demand, exponential pace of urbanization & a rise in the middle-income demographics. However, in spite of robust foundations, the industry is facing numerous challenges. A major hurdle that is contributing to the scenario is the accumulation of large stalled & delayed projects resulting from the recent economic slowdown last year. According to analyses, there are over 200+ projects that are stalled across the country leading to hampered revenue margins for developers across the board.

Seeking a way out of this predicament, the industry is looking for proactive & effective measures that will mitigate the crisis & enable them to turn around their stressed projects. To address this concern, the government recently launched an alternative investment fund of 25,000 crores for the real estate industry. However, a detailed framework of allocation of these funds is still yet to be implemented. Additionally, given the extent of the crisis, the current funds allocated are expected to be short of the capital needed for the revival of the current inventory of stressed projects.

In light of the current challenge, solely relying on the government to reverse the stressed assets is not a feasible approach. The industry also needs to explore alternative funding mechanisms which can help them in giving their business a boost. To achieve this objective, developers need to explore constructive collaborations with Project Revival Consultants (PRCs) who can give a major boost by helping them streamline their operations. The major advantage of such a strategic partnership lies in the fact that the role of PRCs is not just restricted to kick start financing for stressed assets wherein they . They can also act as a force multiplier by leveraging their expertise throughout the operational cycle spanning from project construction & monitoring to sales & marketing, cash flow management, collections. Additionally, PRCs can also offer expertise in product repackaging, channel partner activation thereby enabling developers to position their portfolio of projects effectively & tap into markets with maximum profitability.

Harbouring a powerful complement of solutions, project revival consultants play a vital role in building a streamlined, value-driven ecosystem which is advantageous to every stakeholder - Buyers, Investors & Developers which makes them a powerful amplifier. This makes them a must-have partner for developers looking for precise solutions to get their projects back on track.