Real Estate Builders Relying on Technology to Ward Off Chances of COVID at Offices

By : 360 Realtors

27 November, 2021

As the second wave of the pandemic in India gradually fades off, the IT hubs in Hyderabad are springing back to activity. Amidst this situation, reputed real estate developers are using advanced technologies to prevent the spread of COVID in the leading commercial complexes in the city. Presently, they are working on office space redesigning, where they are using advanced technical solutions to fulfil the mandates of a COVID-free environment. This would also ensure the safety of employees at the workplace.

Some of the developers are revamping the existing commercial infrastructure in office and retail spaces. The process basically involves the use of technology to prevent the disease from spreading and causing further disruptions in the commercial spaces. Among these technologies, some include touchless systems, biometric facial recognition, visitor access control, smart security, and smart elevator programming. Besides, a report stated that developers are also working to redesign the lobbies with more green zones. The proportion of shared spaces for events in commercial buildings is increasing. Besides, the standards of hygiene are being upgraded in commercial constructions to combat the spread of the disease.

At the same time, developers are deploying other technologies to enhance the quality of indoor air. In many buildings, they have incorporated UV air filtration systems. They are also upgrading the existing systems for air ventilation. At the same time, the developers are looking forward to elevate the degree of comfort for employees, integrating the spaces with more green zones. This would also cut down the level of anxiety among employees. Moreover, the builders are coming up with dedicated containment rooms in commercial spaces, where the air circulation would be separate to keep suspected employees in isolation.

These developments are likely to have an implication on property cost. However, the new measures will definitely encourage a safer work environment in commercial spaces.