Real Estate Developers Banking on Instagram Reels to Boost Property Sales

By : 360 Realtors

13 May, 2022

With different social media platforms gradually turning into informal ways of marketing, real estate developers are counting on Instagram reels to spin the magic for them. After the astounding success of Tik Tok in this regard, marketers are busy exploring the potential of other such platforms. Given that a significant chunk of potential customers uses Instagram, real estate marketers have left no stone unturned to capitalize on the opportunity.

It was in August last year that Instagram reels started alluring viewers. These reels have fun elements that make the visuals interactive. This way, marketers can engage clients and potential customers. Besides, Instagram reels enable real estate marketers to build their respective online communities. Thus, they entice probable buyers to explore their brands and offerings. Therefore, marketers have explored the scope beyond influencers on social media for marketing new properties.

Apart from being humorous and fun, Instagram reels are informative as well. This ensures that potential buyers can get this information while browsing casually during their leisure hours. Considering the high reach and engagement, Instagram reels carry a significant potential to market real estate brands.
At times, realtors come up with a consistent series, which can keep the clients interested. They keep posting this series on a weekly or daily basis. This interests potential buyers, who can quickly turn into a follower of the brand. This way, they end up receiving alerts when the brand launches new real estate projects.

Ultimately, the brand can take their followers away from the social platform and interact with them face to face. Due to the interest fueled on Instagram through reels, potential buyers would be interested to talk to the developers regarding new properties. This serves as an effective way for lead generation for property sales. Evidently, the dependency on Instagram continues to rise for real estate developers.