Real estate sector witnesses a growth of 25%

By : 360 Realtors

18 February, 2019

The real estate sector in India has witnessed a growth of 25%, thanks to the enhanced business conditions in the industry after the introduction of reform norms. The real estate companies have been developing new projects in the leading cities, with the industry gaining stabilization after a couple of low-performing years. The real estate companies are happy with this development, and state that the demand for quality homes is increasing in various segments of the industry, including residential, commercial, industrial, warehousing and so on. In recent months, the NRI investment in real estate in India has also increased. This trend is likely to continue in 2019, and the developers are having a good time with the lucrative business environment.

With reform movements like RERA and GST coming into play, the buyers have got back their confidence. The investments in properties in various cities are increasing, along with the rising prices. Homeowners are aware of the rising demand for quality homes in India. You may visit the best property sites in India and have a look into the new properties in the key cities.

Apart from the big cities, the demand for quality apartments is also increasing in the outskirts. Besides, several cities have witnessed a balanced development of residential and commercial properties. With the infrastructure steadily improving in most of these cities, the investors are inclined in acquiring apartments. Besides, before the inception of the RERA, the homeowners had to be at the mercy of the developers. They could not address their issues to any authority, even if the developers faltered with the delivery time. However, as per the new regulations, the developers need to be accountable in terms of transparency to the RERA. Besides, the homeowners can approach the REAR with their complaints. The developers also need to adhere to several regulations, which ensure that the interests of the buyers will be safeguarded.

Investors willing to buy residential and commercial properties should have a look at the trending properties in the property sites in India. Considering the high returns, this is a good time to make the investments. In the last one year, people who have purchased properties in some of the big cities in India are already enjoying the appreciating prices of properties. They can use the residential properties for commercial use. However, you can always try out the lifestyle in these sophisticated homes with your family. Apart from this, the scope of making investments in the commercial front remains open. Warehousing and industrial segments are good options for real estate investors. The prices will be increasing in the coming months, which make this a good time to make the investments. If the trend continues, the investors can reap great returns in 2019 from the real estate sector.