Rural area development necessary for improving country’s economy

By : 360 Realtors

15 July, 2019

The country’s economic growth and development depend` a lot on the rural area income and its improvement. It is a known fact that many villages and rural areas of India do not have pucca houses. That is why, with a view to bringing about a change in the current situation, the Modi Government has aimed to take an aggressive measure for providing pucca houses in the rural areas. Under the Pradhan Mantari Awas Yojna Act (Rural), it has been proposed by the Government to set up 1.95 crore houses in these areas.

However, there was a minor hindrance in the performance last year. This was because the time that was allotted for the completion of the project has been reduced from 314 days to 114 days in the year 2015-16. This has happened due to the use of DBT platform and technology.

Under the Pradhan Mantari Awas Yojna Act (Urban), an investment of about Rs. 4.83 lakh crores has been sanctioned for the construction of over 81 lakh houses. Till now, the total number of houses that have been constructed sums up to be about 47 lakhs. Out of these, 26 lakh houses have been completed and 24 lakh houses have already been handed over to the beneficiaries successfully. It can be stated that the project is going forward quite steadily with a fixed aim of reaching the goal of “Housing for All”, considering the numbers.

It also needs to be mentioned here that around 1.54 crore houses were completed last year under the Pradhan Manatari Awas Yojna. This information has been collected from the recent Economic Survey of the country. In fact, this is quite an appreciable number given the fact that it is almost 50 per cent higher than the target, which had been set earlier of setting up 1 crore pucca houses by 31st March of the present year. It also needs to be stated that all these houses come with basic amenities which is beneficial to the people.

For the development of the country’s economy which will result in the increase of GDP and help India develop as a 5 trillion USD economy, the investment in various public sectors also needs to be boosted alongside rural area development. Keeping this in mind, the Economic Survey has worked its way for advocating public investments in various categories of social infrastructure such as education, health, housing, along with connectivity. It has been formulated carefully by the current government given the chances were quite critical for inclusive development. More investments will lead to a massive improvement in all these sectors and the country’s economy is sure to show signs of development in the upcoming years with the implementation of these acts