Simple And Easy Tips To Increase The Worth Of Your Place

By : 360 Realtors

03 October, 2016

Planning to sell your home? Here are some tips to spruce up your place and increase its resale value. These smart fixes and upgrades won’t cost you much but would help you clinch a deal that will get maximum value of your money.

1. Beautiful landscaping: A well-maintained and pleasing lawn with properly trimmed and manicured trees and shrubs can add to the worth of the house serving as a big selling point to make the most of your capital. Dull and neglected gardens act as a major turnoff for the potential buyers. The flower beds should be free from any kinds of worms and full of blooming and colourful plants. Make plantation your priority as it is not a month’s job but takes years to grow and take some expert guidance regarding the proper selection, placement and care of the plants. Maintaining a healthy lawn since the beginning is the least expensive method for getting maximum returns.

2. Power wash the paved compound: Since the first impression is the last impression, the curb appeal will help you sell your house fast. Give the exteriors and the paved compound of your home a power wash as it might suffice the painting job at times and that too at much lower cost. The front door of the house should be taken care as the condition of the exterior door gives an idea of how your house looks from outside. Don’t underestimate the power of the front door as most of the buyers make up their mind in first seven seconds of entering the premises.

3. Contemporary replacements: Tacky light fixtures, old wallpapers, popcorn ceilings, stained carpets, etc. act as eyesores and need to be replaced with something that need not be expensive but just clean and simple.

4. Kitchen rework: The kitchen is the heart of the home and the most sought after place in the home. In order to bank the biggest returns, the kitchen should be appealing enough and so you should think of remodeling your kitchen with minor updates like getting it repainted, refinishing the cabinets, upgrading your electrical appliances, and so on. Cabinets are the first thing that catches attention when someone walks into the kitchen; so go for crown molding, add wine racks, replace door and drawer hardware, glazing and woodworking is all that will help make your kitchen look apart from the rest. In case your appliances are too old, think of updating them within the comfort ability of your pockets. All these might take a fraction of the cost but will help you recoup a major portion of your investment. A more designer look or some extra special features will help the buyers to give a second glance to your kitchen.

5. More lighting with French doors: To add some extra zing to your place, you can even think of replacing your windows or door with French doors as they will not just let more light permeate but will also make the place look more larger and spacious besides giving a romantic touch.

6. Right colors on the walls: An overly bright or chipped off paint will not go well with the viewers so it is advisable to go in for fresh, crisp and light shades to give your home a very warm and soothing feel.

7. Extra storage: Another feature that is important to increase the value of your home is to add some extra storage space in the form of in-built shelves, cupboards, etc. Buyers always prefer great storage spaces especially the hidden ones and it acts as a major selling point for the place. The more you offer the more value it will add to the price of your home.

8. Upgrade your countertops: Spend a little on upgrading your countertops be it in any room – your kitchen, bars, bathroom or even the utility room. Overlaying countertops made of composite granite / resin blend is preferable as it gives the feel of granite and too at a very less cost. Plastic laminate countertops give a very tacky look and are considered to be low grade whereas concrete, granite and solid surfaces are considered to be premium.

Owning a home is the biggest and the most important investment of one’s life. The money you spend on your home will create a value for future which shall increase with time. Even if you don’t plan to sell your home immediately, these minor upgradations here and there will add to the worth of your home and thus add value to your own life.