Simple Tips To Make Your Small Home Look Bigger

By : 360 Realtors

19 September, 2016

Small is easy, beautiful and practical too. Many people live in small or studio apartments where space constraint is a big limitation. Whereas there are many others who want to live in small intimate spaces just to deal with maintenance and upkeep issues of large palatial places. You can easily organize and manage your small space in such a way that it gives a very warm and welcoming feel.  Some adjustments need to be made in your daily lifestyle also in order to lead a comfortable life efficiently.

The space, furniture, color code, lightning, etc. have to be chosen carefully and meticulously so that even your small abode looks bigger in space and character. 

Here are a few tips that will work for you and make your apartment look bigger and more spacious:

* Right colors and color contrast: Since it’s not easy to change the architecture and space of the house, still you can play with the color scheme and deco of the place to give it a more amplified look. It is a general home décor rule that light colors make the place look bigger and brighter. The walls should be painted in light colors like pastel shades or yellow or basic white in order to give the place a reflective feel so that it looks airy and open and maximizes the effects created by natural light. Soft tones of blue, green and off white also give an optimum feel to make the space look brighter, bigger and more impressive.  On the other hand, dark colors absorb light giving the place a smaller look.The light colors of the sofa and other upholsteries will also give a spacious effect.

* Multi-functional furniture: It is important that the furniture should be very wisely chosen since it occupies maximum space in a home or an apartment. Prefer going in for tables with glass tops since they don’t obstruct the vision and make the place look more spacious. Velvet or leather sofas and couches are not advisable since they occupy space and give a very bulky feel making the place look overly cramped.

Try going in for multi-functional furniture like a sofa bed with drawers underneath so that they serve good storage purposes or a chest that can be used as a coffee table as well. Folding tables, nestling tables, expandable dining table are some other good options which can be folded and kept aside when not needed.

Larger furniture pieces should be placed against the walls in order to increase the open space and so that don’t block the corridors. Some furniture like chests and almirahs can be of the same color as of the walls so that they give a blended feel, making the place look bigger. A sofa or armchairs with exposed legs and open arms gives a sense of light and space.

* Lighting as the key element in making the place appear bigger: Lights play a pivotal role in making a space bright. If the house is not well lit, it will look dull. Natural light is the best way to brighten one’s home as it opens up the interior and make it look spacious. Avoid keeping any furniture in front of the windows so that the natural light doesn’t get blocked by it. Pull the windows coverings completely or use sheer windows to let maximum light permeate. In case the outside view is not pleasing enough you can always put plants or flowers in that place. White lights are better as compared to yellow lights as they brighten up the place and make it look larger and spacious. 

In case there is not enough natural sunlight coming inside, one can go in for creative effects using artificial lighting fixtures. 

* Use that wall: In small houses, it is a great idea to convert the walls into storage spaces either by mounting wooden slabs or shelves on it so that you store a lot of things over there like showpieces or books. But be careful that you don’t just fill up the shelves and leave some empty spaces in between. They can be even painted in bright colors to give the room a colorful and vibrant look.
There should not be too many pictures or posters covering the wall. Rather one big painting suffices and if there are too many things, the wall also gives a crowded feeling.

* Cut the clutter: Keep the house neat and tidy and regularly discard the things you don’t need anymore. A small space if it has too much stuff scattered here and there gives a very congested feeling and looks smaller than it actually is. A clutter-free space will make the floor look bigger.  The desks should not have paper, glasses or other unnecessary articles lying on them. Things if out of sight and neatly arranged will make the place look more open and organized.

When decorating the house, create a small area or feature that will catch everyone’s attention. Like in the dining room, it should be the table; in the bedroom it should be the bed that should be the focal point of the room. The furniture should be so arranged that the focus goes to that area and the rest of the décor should be kept to minimum. 

The floor should be kept clear and avoid spreading large sized rugs to create an illusion of a larger space. 

* Correctly placed mirrors: The mirrors if well placed can make the place look larger. Mirrors reflect light be it natural or artificial and make the room look bright. They bounce the light deep into the room making the place appear bigger. Thus, a focal point should be used to angle the mirror in such a way that it gives the illusion of depth. Placing a mirror on the walls or glass tops or using mirrored cabinet doors gives a mope open feel. A mirror near the windows reflects the outdoors. The mirrors used in different forms can give an impression of a larger place rather than what it actually is.

 * Accessorize: While hanging curtains on the windows, they should be hanged close to the ceilings in order to give a taller look. The linens should be as light as possible so that they don’t weigh your room down by absorbing the light and overall gives a very airy feeling.

Hence, one might feel surprised that how these small additions or rectifications can create such a big difference. 

Hope you have enjoyed our tips and in case you have some more suggestions, please feel free to share with us.