Southwest-Facing House Vaastu: Understanding Its Significance and Remedies

By : Silky Malhotra

25 September, 2023

In the realm of Vaastu Shastra, the direction a house faces is a crucial factor that can influence the energy and harmony within. Southwest-facing houses, while not considered as auspicious as their east or north-facing counterparts, can still benefit from certain remedies and considerations. Let us delve into the significance of southwest-facing houses in Vaastu and explore effective remedies to mitigate potential adverse effects.

Importance of Direction in Vaastu Shastra

In Vaastu Shastra, each cardinal direction is associated with distinct energy centres governed by a planetary Lord. These energies can significantly impact the well-being of the occupants based on the type of rooms constructed in specific directions. Southwest-facing houses bear unique characteristics and effects according to vaastu principles.

Southwest Facing House in Vaastu

The southwest direction is closely tied to the element of earth, symbolising stability, and solidity. However, it is also governed by the demon "Nairuthya," making it traditionally considered inauspicious in vaastu Shastra. Placing the entrance of your house in the southwest corner may lead to financial concerns, accidents, and relationship discord among couples, as per southwest-facing house vaastu beliefs.

Remedies for Southwest-Facing Houses

If you find yourself residing in or owning a southwest-facing house, there are several effective remedies to help counteract potential negative influences:

•  Hanuman Idol with Gada:  To counter the potential negative energies in a south-facing home it is ideal to place a Hanuman idol with the Gada (mace) near the entrance of your home to ward off negative energies.

•  Gayatri Mantra:Next place the Gayatri mantra beside the Hanuman idol which invokes positive vibrations and protection.

•  Lord Ganesha:If there is an empty wall near the entrance of your home, you can display a statue or picture of Lord Ganesha to remove obstacles and bring blessings.

•  Balanced Doors and Windows:An even number of doors and windows in your home can maintain equilibrium in energy flow and reduce negative energies.

•  Peach or Pink Colours: Incorporating peach or pink colours in your home's decor can counteract unfavourable energies and promote harmony in home home.

While southwest-facing houses may pose specific Vaastu challenges, proactive remedies and thoughtful planning can help alleviate potential adverse effects. By understanding the principles of Vaastu Shastra and implementing the suggested remedies, you can enhance the harmony and well-being of your southwest-facing home.

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Pros and Cons of Southwest Facing House

Like every home, there are various pros and cons to a South Facing home. Here are some benefits as well as problems that are faced in a South facing property.

Benefits of Southwest Facing House:

•  Generational Prosperity: A southwest-facing house, when designed according to Vaastu principles, can bring long-term prosperity to your family for generations. It is associated with long-term financial stability which can last for generations.

•  Slower Surrounding Streets: A slightly slower-paced environment around a southwest plot can create a prosperous life for the residents.

•  Higher Boundary Walls: Ensuring that the boundary walls in the south, southwest, and southeast directions are higher than those in the north or northeast can help in creating lifelong happiness in your home.

•  Sloping Balcony Towards North/Northeast: A sloping balcony in this direction can lead to a happy family life and positively impact the women's physical and mental well-being in the home. It can also enhance social success.

•  Sense of Security: Southwest-facing houses are believed to provide residents with a strong sense of security for generations.

Cons of a Southwest-Facing House:

•  Poor Consequences of Vaastu Mistakes in your home:  Even minor errors in the Vaastu planning in a southwest-facing house can lead to substantial losses and negative consequences for homeowners and residents, like health issues and unexpected financial setbacks.

•  Avoid T-Junctions: Vaastu experts ask home buyers to stay away from properties located near T-junctions, as this can bring negative energy and possible harm to the occupants.

•  Open Spaces in Southwest Corner: It is said as per Vaastu, that large open spaces in the southwest corner of your house may adversely affect the well-being of elderly family members in the family.

•  Slanting Verandas in the Southern direction: Slanting verandas in the southern direction are said to negatively affect the health of women in the home as per Vaastu.

•  Drainage Water from the Southwest direction: As per Vaastu Gyan, allowing drainage water to flow from the southwest side of the house can result in significant financial losses and can potentially lead to mental health issues for the family members.

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Vaastu Remedies for your home

Homeowners can incorporate Vaastu remedies for southwest-facing houses, southwest corners, entrances, and windows offering practical solutions to harmonise the energy flow and create a positive living environment. Here are some key remedies that can be easily incorporated into your home.

Simple Vaastu Remedies for Southwest Facing Houses:

•  Place a Heavy Object in the Southwest Corner: The energy in the southwest corner can be balanced by placing a heavy object like a statue or rock in the corner as per Vaastu.

•  Construction of Kitchen or Toilet: Homeowners should avoid constructing the kitchen or toilet in the southwest direction to avoid negative energies.

•  Add light-coloured walls in your home: Adding bright-coloured walls in your home can uplift and brighten the atmosphere within the house which can counteract any negative energies and create a positive vibe.

•  Direction of the Master Bedroom: As per Vaastu, the master bedroom should be in the southwest direction to enhance stability and prosperity.

•  No Staircase in the Southwest corner: As per Vaastu Gyan practitioners, homeowners should not construct a staircase in the southwest corner of their home to prevent negative energy flow.

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Easy Vaastu Remedies for Southwest Entrance Flats:

• Decorate the entrance of your flat: To invite positive energy into your flat place a beautiful mirror or a painting on the wall facing the entrance of your home as per Vaastu.

•  Avoid Sharp Edges: As per Vaastu Gyan practitioners, the entrance area of your home should be free from any clutter, sharp edges, or corners, to create a welcoming and peaceful environment.

•  Well-lit entrance: The entrance of your flat should be well-lit and clutter-free to invite positive energy into your home.

•  Do not construct a Kitchen or Toilet in the Southwest direction: As per Vaastu, avoid constructing a kitchen/ toilet in the southwest direction of the flat.

Remedies For Southwest Windows:

• A Clear Path for Positive Energy: Southwest-facing windows should not be blocked by heavy furniture for easy flow of positive energy and vibrations in your home, as per Vaastu.

•  Importance of Cleanliness in Vaastu: Ensure clean windows in your home to enhance the natural light and positive energy flow.

•  Place decorative Elements and plants: Placing decorative items in the southwest direction near the windows in your home can attract positive energy.

•  Avoid constructing a Kitchen/Toilet in the Southwest direction: Like a house and flat, a kitchen or toilet should not be constructed in the southwest direction near windows to prevent the flow of negative energy.

By implementing these simple Vaastu remedies in your home, you can promote well-being and prosperity for you and your family. 

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Vaastu plan for a Southwest Facing House:

• Differentiating Southwest Corner and Southwest Facing House:Understand the distinction between a southwest corner house Vaastu and a southwest facing house Vaastu, both of which can have negative impacts if not considered carefully.

• Caution with "T" Junctions: Vaastu experts warn against purchasing properties at "T" junctions in the southwest zone, with suggestions for rectifying this through Vaastu dividers, earth pyramids, and copper bricks.

•  Ideal Elevations: Southwest-facing house elevations should be oriented towards the north or east zones for optimal Vaastu alignment.

•  Avoiding Underground Tanks: Avoid plots with underground tanks and septic tanks in the southwest or south-eastern zones to prevent negative energy influences.

•  Adhering to Vaastu Guidelines: When constructing a house in the southwest, closely follow Vaastu guidelines to plan the house structure effectively.

Staircase as Per Vaastu for Southwest Facing House:

•  Preferred Locations: Staircases should always be constructed in the western or southern zone of a southwest facing house to maintain positive Vaastu energy.

•  Avoiding the North-East: Strongly discourage placing staircases in the north-eastern area, as this can lead to financial instability according to Vaastu principles.

Southwest House Entrance Vaastu:

•  Entrance Direction: Any entrance direction except the south is recommended. However, if the entrance is in the southwest, counteract the negative Vaastu effects by enhancing the northeastern zone.

•  Balcony or Garden: Create a balcony or garden in the northeast to ensure an uninterrupted flow of positive energy, countering the effects of a south-facing entrance.

•  Primary Gate Position: Consider the auspicious Vaastu zone for the position of the primary gate, especially if there is a lawn in front of your house.

Bedroom Vaastu for Southwest Facing House:

•  Ideal Location: Southwest corner is ideal for bedrooms as it represents earth and stability, ensuring a stable and prosperous family life.

•  Conflict Avoidance: Avoid positioning bedrooms in the southeast and northeast corners to prevent conflicts within the family.

Kitchen Vaastu for Southwest Facing House:

•  Avoid Southwest Kitchen: Vaastu experts discourage constructing the kitchen in the southwest direction as it can negatively affect marital life.

•  Alternative Placement: If necessary, build an auxiliary kitchen in the southeast corner and ensure daily cooking activity.

•  Sink Location: Kitchen sinks should ideally be in the northeast corner for Vaastu alignment.

•  Storage in Southwest: Store grains and groceries in the southwest corner for inviting good luck and prosperity.

Living Room Vaastu for Southwest Facing House:

•  Social Zone: Southwest is suitable for a living room if you enjoy social gatherings.

•  Entrance Placement: Avoid placing the living room entrance in the south.

•  Design Considerations: Opt for vivid shapes, clear lines, and use white or yellow colors to repel negative energies.

•  Glass Door Enhancement: If your living room has a glass door, consider installing curtains for an improved look.

Balcony Vaastu for Southwest Facing House:

•  Bright Zones: North, northeast, and eastern zones are considered ideal for balconies as they receive ample sunlight.

•  Health Benefits: Balconies in the southwest direction are believed to benefit residents' health and bring in positive energy.

•  Elevation Consideration: Ensure that the floor of your building is at a lower elevation than the main building compound for Vaastu alignment.

Pooja Room Vaastu for Southwest Facing House:

•  Ideal Direction: The best direction for a pooja room is the northeast. However, east and north directions also work well according to Vaastu principles.

Bathroom Vaastu for Southwest Facing House:

•  Preferred Location: Bathrooms should ideally be in the northeast to facilitate smoother waste disposal.

•  Septic Tanks: Septic tanks are recommended in the northeastern zone.

•  Avoid Southwest Bathrooms: Bathrooms in the southwest are believed to be harmful to the family's health according to Vaastu principles. 

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Vaastu Tips for Southwest Facing House:

•  Follow Vaastu Guidelines: When constructing a southwest-facing house, it's essential to adhere as closely as possible to Vaastu guidelines for room placement and layout.

•  Position of Rooms: Refer to the Vaastu guidelines provided in earlier sections to ensure that rooms are appropriately positioned within the house.

•  Beware of Extensions: Avoid making any extensions in the southwest corner of the house, as such extensions are believed to bring unhappiness and may lead to family members exhibiting rude or arrogant behaviour.

•  Open Spaces in Northeast: Maintain ample open spaces in the northeast direction of the house. This allows the continuous inflow of positive energy, contributing to the well-being of residents.

Simple Vaastu Shastra Guidelines for Southwest Direction and Doors:

•  Southwest Entrance as per Vaastu: According to Vaastu Shastra, the southwest direction symbolises stability and strength in your home. Therefore, the entrance in this direction should be kept clutter-free, as well as well-lit, and adorned with auspicious symbols like Ganesha, Gayatri mantra, etc. to attract positive energy into the home.

•  Benefits of the southwest direction for homeowners: The southwest direction is associated with stability, strength, and prosperity as per Vaastu Shastra. As per Vaastu Gyan, placing important rooms like the master bedroom or living room in the Southwest direction can bring positive energy and success to the occupants.

Vaastu Tips for pacing Borewell in West Facing House:

•  Ideal Location for borewell: As per Vaastu Shastra, borewells can be ideally placed in the northeast or east direction of the house to ensure the smooth flow of water resources for the household.

•  Borewell in West-Facing Houses: In the case of west-facing houses, the borewell should be constructed in the northwest corner for optimal water supply.

Vaastu Tips for Placement of Southwest Door:

•  Importance of South-West direction: In Vaastu Shastra, the southwest direction is known to signify stability and strength.

•  Placement of the main entrance door: The main door, which is in the southwest direction should be well-maintained, and free from any obstruction or blockage. It should be decorated with auspicious symbols to attract positive energy into the home and promote prosperity.


A southwest-facing house in Vaastu Shastra can be both a source of prosperity and potential challenges. While it is associated with stability and strength, even minor Vaastu mistakes in such houses can have significant consequences. By adhering to the above-mentioned Vaastu guidelines and implementing the specified remedies, homeowners can attract positive energies associated with a southwest-facing house and lessen any adverse effects. These simple remedies can help in creating a harmonious and prosperous living environment in your home. 


Vaastu associates a south-facing home with stability and strength. When designed according to Vaastu principles, it is believed to bring long-term financial stability and happiness to the family. The slower pace of life in the surrounding area and higher boundary walls in specific directions contribute to the overall sense of prosperity.

To maintain Vaastu harmony in a southwest-facing house, it is essential to avoid certain factors. These include staying away from T-junctions, preventing large open spaces in the southwest corner (as it may affect elderly family members negatively), and refraining from sloping verandas in the southern direction. Additionally, it is crucial not to let drainage water flow from the southwest side, as it can lead to financial losses and mental health issues.

Vaastu provides remedies to counteract negative effects in a southwest-facing house. Some remedies include constructing the main gate in an auspicious Vaastu zone, placing a Hanuman statue at the entrance, installing a Lord Ganesha image on an empty wall near the entrance, pasting the Gayatri mantra at the entrance, and maintaining open spaces in the northeastern zone to allow the inflow of positive energy.

According to Vaastu Shastra, making extensions in the southwest corner of your house should be avoided because it is believed to bring misfortune and negative energy. This corner is associated with stability and strength, and any alterations or extensions may disrupt the harmonious energy flow and potentially lead to adverse consequences for the occupants.