Stilt Parking to Become a Must in All Residential Buildings in Noida

By : 360 Realtors

11 July, 2018

The authorities in Noida have planned to make stilt parking mandatory in all residential buildings, in an attempt to streamline parking in the city. The authorities have invited public suggestions, on its proposal to alter the bylaws of the buildings. According to the proposal, the authority is likely to make it mandatory for all individual residential plot owners to have stilt parking facilities in their spaces. This will help in accommodating the vehicles. Besides, all the group housing developers need to provide one parking space for every 50 Sq. Mts. of area. Presently, this figure stands at 80 Sq. Mts., which needs to be reduced. With the new norms coming into effect, it will become mandatory for the property owners to have a parking space in their own building premises. This indicates that the vehicles will not be parked on the roads in the city. This is a welcome move on the part of the authorities in tackling the growing number of private vehicles in the city.

The authorities are open to receive the suggestions from the people, as well as their objections. According to these suggestions, the existing building bylaws, established in 2010, will be amended. Presently, most of the homeowners own their own vehicles, but the lack of proper parking space leads to congestion in the streets. When these plans are implemented, the residential property owners need to own their own parking spaces. A dedicated space for car parking for every residential unit will eliminate congestion on the main roads. According to the new guidelines, the layout plan of a building will not be approved, of the new bylaws are not complied to. The experts revealed that till now, it was optional for the parking spaces to be allocated for the residential property owners, who purchased plots above 112 metres. In case the property owners opt for stilt parking, they were allowed to build an additional floor to allocate the space.

However, if the existing laws are amended to make room for the new lays, all property owners above 112 metres need to build stilt parking in order to accommodate their vehicles. If a buyer in a group housing society owns a flat measuring 100 Sq. Mts., the person will be eligible to own two parking spaces. Presently, they are eligible to own only one parking space, in the given situations. The measure aims to create more parking spaces in the residential areas in the city. Once the suggestions from the citizens are received, the authorities will proceed to the next steps. They will take 15 days of time to make this move. Evaluating the present condition of real estate and parking facilities in Noida, it is necessary to take measures to control the congestion on the roads. In the next few years, thousands of families are likely to move to the newly developed residential complexes. The families will require parking spaces to accommodate their vehicles. A sound planning from this stage will allow them to park the vehicles in their own spaces, without congesting the roads.