Surge in Luxury Home Sales: 130% Increase in the First Half of 2023 in India

By : 360 Realtors

12 September, 2023

The luxury real estate sector in India is experiencing an extraordinary surge in demand during the initial half of 2023, boasting a remarkable 130% increase in sales compared to the previous year. A recent report reveals that between January and June 2023, a total of 6,900 high-end residences, each valued at over INR 4 crore, changed hands. This represents a substantial growth from the 3,000 luxury homes sold in 2022, signifying a significant uptick in the luxury property market.

A key driver behind this surge in demand is the Non-Resident Indian (NRI) community, which is increasingly funneling investments into India's real estate sector. NRIs have recognized the potential for robust returns in the Indian property market, which has remained stable. Luxury properties, renowned for their opulent amenities and upscale lifestyle offerings, have become particularly appealing to NRIs.

This trend is not confined to a single city; major Indian metropolises have all witnessed a sustained upswing in luxury property sales. The National Capital Region (NCR) has notably seen a substantial increase in demand for high-end properties, reflecting evolving buyer preferences.

Luxury housing extends beyond mere brick and mortar; it encompasses the complete living experience. This includes transportation facilities, top-notch amenities, distinctive features, and the enviable lifestyle associated with these properties. Esteemed developers are aligning their projects with international standards to cater to the preferences of NRIs and High Net Worth Individuals (HNIs). Additionally, property owners are capitalizing on the robust real estate market by offering their luxury apartments for rent, thereby reaping substantial returns.

Developers have astutely observed the property market's remarkable post-pandemic growth, with an increasing number of HNIs expressing keen interest in luxury properties. This shift in buyer behavior, combined with the luxury real estate segment's positive growth trajectory, paints a promising future for the industry.