Telangana to launch online real estate portal 'Dharani' during Dussehra

By : 360 Realtors

20 October, 2020

In an endeavour to introduce digitization in real estate, ‘Dharani’, an online real estate portal in Telangana will be launched during Dussehra this year. The state government has announced that it would be launched on October 25, which is Vijayadashami, a day considered to be auspicious.

The real estate industry is undergoing digitization all over India, with various state governments coming up with new solutions. The pandemic has especially triggered the need for an online medium for property registration. Moreover, digitization would also help to keep information regarding all the registered properties integrated in one place. This would make the information quite easy to access. Additionally, this repository would act as a major source of revenue records.

The concerned officials would receive the necessary training before 25th October in order to ensure smooth functioning. These also include the sub-registrars, tehsildars and deputy tehsildars. The officials would also be given a demo trial of the new portal to enable them to get accustomed to this new platform. 

On September 8th, registration of properties in Telangana was stopped by the government. It would resume again with the launch of the ‘Dharani’ portal. The concerned officials have been directed to make sure that the portal is ready for launch on 25th October. The bandwidth, hardware and software would be all set up by then.

Dharani comes as part of the new Revenue Act which was enforced on 22nd September. This act is aimed at increasing transparency in the real estate sector in Telangana. While the act strips certain powers from officials at various levels, it has also scrapped two posts: Village Revenue Officer and Village Revenue Assistant.

The act has been passed keeping in mind the goal to reduce human interference to a bare minimum, which would help to curb corruption. Currently, Hyderabad houses around 24.5 lakh properties. Although some of them are in a state of disputed ownership, the government is addressing them immediately. The portal would store the records regarding the land rights online. People would also be able to change ownership of land via the Dharani portal. The government would fix the registration rates according to their survey numbers.

The real-estate sector in Telangana has been developing quite well. The growing business prospects in this state have led to the growth of residential real estate, with a large number of investors seeking properties. The creation of such a sophisticated portal is evidently a progressive step for the real estate sector in the state. As property registration would become much easier, faster and corruption-free, it is expected to boost property sales as well. This indicates the healthy growth of the industry in the city.