The New Real Estate Brokerage Landscape In India

By : 360 Realtors

04 November, 2022

Following the pandemic, the real estate industry in India has witnessed a shift in paradigm. With new technologies like analytics penetrating the industry fast, the brokerage landscape in India has also evolved significantly. Currently, the brokers are deploying such predictive technologies to be better-informed about market trends. Moreover, VR platforms are in high demand among brokerage firms, which are holistically refining the property buying experience.

Currently, established real estate builders work with dedicated teams of analysts. This way, the brokerage firms and developers evaluate the customer sentiments across different markets. Accordingly, they come up with strategic marketing tactics to sell the properties.

Moreover, the pandemic and lockdowns have also worked in favor of the brokerage firms. Previously, people who preferred renting homes are now interested to purchase their own properties. This is a positive sentiment from the buyers. Ultimately, this has benefitted the real estate developers.

Some of the other aspects that have changed the operational process of real estate brokerage firms include hybrid and work-from-home models. With the work-from-home model, people operate for longer hours while enjoying the comfort of their homes. The demand for integrated and spacious homes is also on the rise. This has given rise to the demand for multifunctional homes. In these properties, you have spaces to read books, spend your time at workstations, and enjoy your life in dedicated activity spaces.

With the real estate trends changing in India, the government is also coming up with initiatives like the REITS and RERA. This makes the customers confident in investing in their future homes. Being informed, customers can make better decisions on making real estate purchases.

 Currently, brokerage companies are hiring dedicated analysts capable of reading the demands and sentiments of their clients to roll out personalized housing solutions. So, the demand for purchasing homes near workplaces has decreased compared to what it was before the pandemic. Buyers are also looking for homes close to the outskirts of their respective cities. This has fueled the demand for homes in Tier-2 cities and satellite townships. The cascading impact eventually comes down on the brokerage companies.